AV-42 Saw Sharpening Equipment Perfect For The Logging Industry

Offering Quality Training Aids and Customer Service Program

The AV-42 sharpening machine will sharpen saw blades 12″ larger in diameter than the AV-40 machine. You can face, top and side grind saw blades from 1-7/8″ to 42″ in diameter, ideal for the logging industry.

The logging industry and saw mills will use saw blades ranging from 18″ to 42″ blades. Most conventional saw sharpening equipment will only sharpen saw blades to 16″ in diameter. Thorvie modified their AV-40 grinder into the AV-42 to cover this vast growing industry.

“The AV-42 not only sharpens saw blades up to 42″ in diameter, it also has the same capabilities as the AV-40 sharpening machine to sharpen jointer planer knives, router bits, raised panel shaper cutters and much more” mentions design engineer Travis Frea. “This machine allows you to diversify your business to multiple companies instead of just one.”

Thorvie did not stop at offering some of the highest quality grinding machines and saw sharpening equipment in the United States.

They have one of the best training systems and customer service programs available. When you join Thorvie’s team, you also get High quality training DVD’s, pictured instruction booklet, and their customer service program. This program consists of a 2 week follow up call, 6 month follow up call, then yearly follow up calls with unlimited personal call-in support.

“We personally dedicate our business around making sure every Thorvie owner is successful in the sharpening industry,” states customer service manager Rick Shefchik.

For more information On the AV-42 saw blade & tool sharpening machine, Training aids or home based business opportunities, contact Thorvie International at 866-995-6344 or visit the website at thorvie.com.

Rick’s Tip

T-alloy, or tungsten alloy shaper cutters are becoming a lot more popular. With these cutters you will find that a standard CBN, resin bond or diamond wheel will not sharpen them properly. The T-alloy material is a lot harder than a standard HHS material.

A CBN grinding wheel is ideal for any sharpening shop for sharpening various steel tools. When purchasing CBN wheels, make sure they are rated to sharpen T-alloy material. This will save your company extra money from purchasing multiple grinding wheels.

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