Sample Press Release

Title is a very effective tool to grab the attention of the journalists, so writing it from a journalist’s perspective is very important. It should be not more than 100 characters.

The summary should be a single paragraph with about three to four lines. The summary paragraph is a synopsis of the press release in regular sentence form. It should be not more than 250 characters.

City, State, Country, Month Date, Year -- The first paragraph know as the "lead" contains the most important information. You need to grab your reader's attention here. And you can't assume that they have read the headline or summary paragraph; the lead should stand on its own.

It then includes the five “w”s of a press release: who, what, where, when and why. The first paragraph of the press release should dicuss in brief detail what the press release is about. The second paragraph explains: who cares; why you should care; where you can find it; when it will happen.

A press release should be written in third person. Instead of using we, us and ours, you should be use they, them and theirs. PRPocket is committed to providing only the highest quality news. We will not publish Press release that we feel is unfit for Publication through our service. Such stories include promotion of violence, hatred, racism, pornography/sexually explicit information, casinos, tobacco products, advertisements or releases that are written for the purpose of bringing harm or damage to a third party.

The body should be at least 3000 characters or 500 words. PRPocket allows you a maximum limit of 8000 characters. The body should have a minimum of four paragraphs. All paragraphs should be ideally between 4 to 8 lines each. There should be a blank line after each paragraph for good visibility.

About Your Company: A short "about us" section, providing independent background on the issuing company, organization, or individual. Here you should explain future aspects, your or aim in meeting the current market or success. In general what you intend to do achieve.

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