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Ottawa, Ontario, Dec 03, 2016 -- The Flagship Site For Car Buyers/Sellers: Users Empowered With A New Social Tool That Combines Traditional & Modern Day Marketing

So you've made the decision to buy a new car. There are so many options to consider: where to go, what to get for a new vehicle, and what you will do with the old one. DIY selling options may include selling it yourself online (i.e.,,, Craigslist, EBay Motors), or simply placing a 'For Sale' sign on your vehicle and parking it prominently on your lawn or driveway. If you are looking to purchase another vehicle from a dealership, you may consider getting the car evaluated to see how much you will get for it on a trade.

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The first option seems easy enough to do yourself online and optimizes the number of potential buyers who may find your vehicle in their search. The second option, while more traditional, lets your immediate community know the vehicle is for sale. Sellers in this case hope that passers-by will stop if they're interested enough in the vehicle – or perhaps that they will call the number listed on the sale sign.

The traditional way of selling a vehicle with a 'For Sale' sign is not bad, but the reality is we live in an ever-evolving social world. Most car buyers today will not go to the effort of stopping by and do not want the hassle of calling for a price before deciding if they're really interested.

So now, rather than just posting a paper 'For Sale' sign, sellers have a better option available. They can purchase a bright green MeetAuto flag & sale sign, and put them on the vehicle. The sale sign is equipped with a quick search code that allows users to easily find that exact car on the MeetAuto website.

Next time you're driving through your local community and spot a car you're interested in checking out, the green flag and sign will identify to you that it is available for sale online at Even if you didn't have time to take down that Quick search code, you could easily search for the make and model of the car in the city you saw it in and contact the seller through the website.

This innovative new tool will allow private sellers to use a leading-edge platform to get better exposure in the used car sales market, and also houses a user-friendly dealer portal that allows dealerships to upload their automotive inventory with ease.

"It's the best of both worlds for the buyer, as it saves them time and money from having to visit multiple places for all of this information. Everything is now in one place. And what's more, the platform is modern and social-savvy, making it very user-friendly and familiar to our digital generation. People are more likely to send you an email or social media message than pick up the phone, and buyers and sellers are more and more weary of online scams when it comes to selling their goods privately online," says MeetAuto COO & Co-Founder, Ryan McBride.

MeetAuto is more than just an online automotive listing site – it's a one-stop-shop marketplace with a social media feel that makes it convenient for our generation to engage when buying or selling a vehicle. You're not going to believe the functionality of these simple features. Here is a quick re-cap of what car buyers and sellers can do:

- Post ads for FREE and upgrade ads to make them stand out.

- Create a social-media-style car listing for the car you're selling, including 20 photos and a sleek, modern presentation format.

- Push your ads to social media to maximize network exposure.

- Create car profiles based on your dream search criteria for the car you'd like to buy, search multiple cars at a time, and receive notifications of the latest cars that match your needs.

- Review notifications, messages & test-drive requests and search profile matches through the Marketplace Hub.

- Browse & save your car favourites, creating your follow list for later review.

- Compare up to four of your top picks side-by-side with the click of a mouse.

"The needs of this generation are evolving. That's not to say that car buyers and sellers cannot still use other tools alongside this one, but it does push the boundaries and challenge other players in the automotive listing site industry to keep up," continued Ryan.

The days and months to come will reveal how the local community adapts and reacts to this new way of buying and selling cars. So far, the reaction from dealers using the site has been very positive.

When you see a green MeetAuto flag around town, you'll know what it represents: another Canadian entrepreneurial success story.

For more information and media inquiries, please contact:

Ryan McBride
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
1-844-MEETAUT (633-8288)

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