Mom’s $10 Deadbolt Accessory- a Godsend says Police

Wake-up America- This NEWS can Save Your Life. 

Sweet Home, OR, Feb 28, 2017 -- The Risk of a Home Invasion has never been greater. The problem bump keys are sold online which inspired an Oregon Mom to invent $10 deadbolt accessory that stops anyone from unlocking your door.

This mom discovered if the deadbolt handle is held in the locked position it can’t be unlocked and invented a durable hook & loop fabric lock called Super-Grip-Lock to do that job. It turns a deadbolt into a privacy lock that cannot be opened with any key.

* Police call it a Godsend. No tools are needed. Directions are on the product. Just attach and wrap as directed. So simple a child can do it says Police Lt. Bryon.

* Homeowners, renters, and travelers can instantly protect themselves against bump keys, passkeys or pass-cards by following the directions on the product

The National Locksmith evaluating locks for the Lock Industry since 1929 reported, ”There is an unlimited potential for customers.”  “Even when using a working key and a pair of pliers the key broke but the deadbolt remained locked.”  How great is that?

Lt. Bryon 23-year police veteran wrote the LEAA a coalition of law-enforcement experts, “This Strap is a Godsend for the traveling public and those who live in rentals."

The International Association of Police Chiefs never endorses any product but they introduced Super-Grip-Lock to law enforcement in the Police Chief Magazine.

The Electronic Retail Association represents 450 companies in 45 nations awarded Super-Grip-Lock- “One of the Ten Most Marketable Products of the Year Award.”

Super Grip Lock is an instant fix for one of the greatest home security threats of our time which are bump keys available online and open locks nearly as fast as a key.

If you would like to help police reduce crime you have our permission to report any part of the information and photo’s attached and shown at

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