The Luxury Experience in Africa and The Caribbean

Despite globalization and international exchange of information, Westerners remain under-exposed to African culture and tourist destinations.

Houston TX, May 05, 2017 -- Despite globalization and international exchange of information, Westerners remain under-exposed to African culture and tourist destinations. To address this trend, Excel Travel & Style Magazine provides its invaluable footprint by disseminating positive information about tourist attractions and lifestyle in Africa and the Caribbean. Excel Travel & Style Magazine is a niche luxury travel and lifestyle publication that compliments Excel Magazine International, a high profile celebrity magazine that promotes the positive image of Africa and Africans, with over 7 years of publication history and more than 50,000 copies distributed worldwide.

Excel Travel & Style Magazine not only highlights travel, but also informs on unique cultural traditions, interior design/home decor, clothing, accessories, art, food, music, and events. The magazine features cultural fashion trends, fashion shows and events, ethnic textiles and accessories, designer spotlight and interviews including a section dedicated to designers that provide training, community service, ethical and sustainable designs. Every issue of Excel Travel & Style Magazine features imagery and edutaining articles relating to travel/tourism, fashion, lifestyle, food, festivals, carnivals, weddings and culture in Africa, the Caribbean and diaspora activities in the USA.

The vision of Excel Travel & Style Magazine is a world where everyone is inspired by the beauty of the African continent, the Caribbean and knows how and where to find its treasures.  The brand’s mission is to provide interesting visual and written content that encourages people to visit and invest in Africa and the Caribbean. Excel Travel & Style Magazine features innovative brands, individuals and institutions that promote the beautification of Africa, the Caribbean and our world.

Mr. Boniface Ihiasota (Publisher of Excel Magazine International and Excel Travel & Style Magazine) noted that “Too many Westerners misconceive Africa as a land of war, famine, poverty, corruption and hardship, and for many, Africa is an unknown destination. Some Westerners even refer to Africa as a country, rather than a continent. Our goal with Excel Travel & Style Magazine is to dispel these negative myths and provide the positive image of Africa as a desirable destination for travelers with massive wildlife migrations, stunning nature and landscapes, unique cultures, urban cities, welcoming people, among others. Excel Travel & Style also includes Caribbean travel and lifestyle due to its deep-seated cultural, ethnic and historical ties.  African and Caribbean people are multi-ethnic and multicultural with similar cuisine, art and crafts, music, language, beliefs and values.”

Kimma Wreh (Editor-in-Chief of Excel Travel & Style Magazine), stated that “We are focusing on what is exciting in Africa and presenting leisure and business travel to Africa. The publication includes Africa Travel Guides for each region of Africa to educate consumers on preparing for travel and what to expect upon arrival in Africa. This includes detailed narratives on health safety, visas, currencies, communication, accommodation, transportation, crossing borders, food, shopping, what clothes to pack, best times to travel, culture, etc. Moreover the magazine focuses also on presenting fashion, hair care tips and beauty highlights for people of color.”

Excel Travel & Style Magazine is published by Excel Global Media Group – a media enterprise that provides magazines, television and event production, press release service and communications to individuals, organizations and businesses.  Excel Global Media Group has a team in the USA (Texas, Washington DC, Maryland, New York, Georgia), Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, Ethiopia), Europe (UK, France), and Asia (Malaysia).

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