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When you're running a business, nothing makes a stronger first impression on passers-by than a Piccadilly Circuits full colour, ultra bright, programmable LED outdoor or indoor digital sign.

London, England, March 15, 2018 -- When you're running a business, nothing makes a stronger first impression on passers-by than a Piccadilly Circuits full colour, ultra bright, programmable LED outdoor or indoor digital sign. Depending on the information displayed on the full colour digital LED sign,  pedestrians and road users will easily be able to determine whether the business offers a service or product that they are interested in and which captures their attention.

Compared to traditional static signage a Piccadilly Circuits LED sign will give customers all the initial information they will need about what the business does, what service the business provides together with any promotions, branding, opening hours and any other information that will get the business noticed over and above its competition.

Those businesses who rely on static underwhelming signage will blend into the background and fail to stand out. Piccadilly Circuits digital LED signage speaks volumes about your business. If a business invests in LED fully programmable, ultra bright, colour signage which is modern and up-to-date, this is guaranteed to attract new customers compared to an outdated, run down sign that simply blends into the background like most traditional uninspiring signage.

Many business owners are considering an LED business sign upgrade. This means changing from standard dull signage to a colour LED sign that is able to show picture quality photos, videos and any text that the  business wishes to send electronically to the LED sign via any wifi enabled device. The options are truly endless. Any photo, message or text can be taken from the internet and sent to the LED sign in an easy process.  Many dynamic businesses  are interested in upgrading their old signs to take advantage of this new technology.

Time for a LED Business Sign Upgrade?

Over the years, many businesses have made the switch from their former fluorescent and neon signs to newer fully programmable colour LED signs. There are several reasons for this. Both fluorescent and neon lighting systems contain ingredients that can be harmful to the environment. They do not last a particularly long time and in addition to this, they draw a large amount of power. More importantly the messages cannot be changed unlike indoor and outdoor LED digital signage that can display any sort of content whether it be photos, videos or text. LED signage can display any message you wish and be tailored to your businesses product or services. Messages can be changed in real time to drive more customers through the business. LED signage is proven to increase turnover by up to 120% and offers the best ROI over all other forms of advertising. 

With a Piccadilly Circuits LED business sign upgrade, business owners will enjoy improved energy efficiency (LED lighting consumes 50-90 percent less energy than traditional types of illumination) and less maintenance (LED lighting typically only requires maintenance once every 5-10 years). Not only that, LED signs are fully programmable, ultra bright and will work for your business 24/7. Put your business on the map and get noticed. All Piccadilly digital outdoor LED signs offer full colour, wifi enabled functionality and are fully programmable so that any sort of relevant content can be displayed in an instant. LED digital displays are now being utilised by major blue chip companies however Piccadilly Circuits LED signs offer the best in quality at attractive prices. All Piccadilly Circuits indoor and outdoor signage can be leased with an option to purchase for a small fee at the end of the term. Leasing also offers tax advantages over purchasing outright.

Piccadilly Circuits LED outdoor and indoor signage for businesses are the perfect solution to increase turnover and make the business stand out from the competition and get noticed!.

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