Accur8 Announces Data Migration as a Service for the IBMi Series AS/400

Innovative turnkey service solves the challenge of migrating data from IBMi environment to a new data world.

Brattleboro, VT, Sep 27, 2018 -- Accur8 Software, an innovative software and services company focused on data integration, migration and analytics today announced its Data Migration as a Service, or DMaaS now includes migration services for companies with IBMi operating environments.  It enables small to mid-sized companies to migrate data from their existing IBMi environment (i.e. AS/400) to a cloud platform such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. There are many use cases for this service including those companies that may be maintaining their IBMi environment solely for storing archived records because they have not found an easy, cost-effective way to move their data to a modern platform.

“We have found that many small to mid-sized companies feel trapped with their IBMi platform, and don’t know how to safely and cost-effectively migrate to the Cloud or a newer data environment,” said Ron Patterson, Head of Business Development for Accur8 Software. “And a failed or mismanaged data migration can put their business at significant risk. We take that worry off the table.”

The Accur8 DMaaS for the IBMi market is a turnkey solution to migrate a company’s data from their current IBMi environment to a secure, open source database in the Cloud.  The service can also be used to migrate data to on-premise platforms or hybrid environments.  The migration uses our high performance Accur8 Integration Engine™ to migrate data, accounting for the many nuances in DB2 data structures, such as properly handling DDS tables. As a part of our data migration service we also provide our easy to use reporting and analytics system, or we can connect it with existing reporting tools if required.

Accur8 also provides ongoing care and maintenance for the cloud data warehouse, including bug fixes, data validation and backups.

About Accur8 Software:
Accur8 software changes the game for integrating and migrating data and applications with our powerful data integration and analytics products, services and expertise. This powerful combination makes it possible for companies of all sizes to easily access, consume and leverage the full power of their data, regardless of how complex their software environment is.   Our Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS) and Data Migration as a Service (DMaaS) enable companies to move their data and applications to cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure.  We have deep expertise across a wide range of industries and businesses.

Accur8’s customers range across a variety of industries and sizes from mid-size to large enterprises. More information can be found at

Ron Patterson
Accur8 Software
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