Accur8 Announces Data Warehouse as a Service

Innovative turnkey service creates hassle-free, real time data warehouse in AWS or Azure cloud.

Brattleboro, VT, Sep 15, 2018 -- Accur8 Software, an innovative software and services company focused on data integration, migration and analytics today announced its latest offering, Data Warehouse as a Service, or DWaaS.  This turnkey service is designed for small to mid-sized companies who recognize the many data consumption and performance benefits and cost-savings associated with a cloud-based data warehouse, but do not have the data integration tools, expertise or the bandwidth to make the attempt on their own. They also recognize that a failed or mismanaged move to a cloud data warehouse can put their business at significant risk.  “In speaking with our existing customers as well as surveying the small- to mid-size market, it has become clear that there is a compelling need,” said Ron Patterson, Head of Business Development of Accur8 Software. “In particular, operating a data warehouse on a cloud platform such as AWS or Azure provides a significant performance uptick while saving up to 85% compared to an on-premise solution, but it’s not always easy to accomplish.  That’s where Accur8 comes in.”

The Accur8 DWaaS is a turnkey solution to create or migrate a company’s data warehouse in the cloud. Working with our customer’s IT team Accur8 reviews the objectives for the data warehouse, existing applications, performance requirements and data models. We then recommend the optimal open source database for the requirements and then build out the data warehouse, from data discovery to modeling to cleansing. Using our Accur8 Integration Engine™, we integrate data from your selected data sources and applications to provision the data warehouse. Row or table level integration can be performed on a scheduled, triggered or real time basis.

As an integral part of our data warehouse service we also provide our easy to use reporting and analytics system, or we can connect it with existing reporting tools if required.

Accur8 also provides ongoing care and maintenance for the cloud data warehouse, including bug fixes, data validation and backups.

About Accur8 Software:
Accur8 software changes the game for integrating and migrating data and applications with our powerful data integration and analytics products, services and expertise. This powerful combination makes it possible for companies of all sizes to easily access, consume and leverage the full power of their data, regardless of how complex their software environment is.   Our Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS) and Data Migration as a Service (DMaaS) enable companies to move their data and applications to cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure.  We have deep expertise across a wide range of industries and businesses.

Accur8’s customers range across a variety of industries and sizes from mid-size to large enterprises. More information can be found at

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