Bikesquare Promotes Electric Bike Tours in 4 Outstanding Spanish Locations

BikeSquare, the Italian platform and APP for electric bike tours, promotes excursions and ebike rentals in Catalonia and Andalusia. Through its website and APP, it is already possible booking ebikes and tours in Barcelona, Malaga, Cordoba and Granada.

Barcelona, Spain, Sep 25, 2018 -- BikeSquare, the startup focused on electric bike tours, has launched new opportunities of ebike rentals and tours in Spain in distinctive tourist locations.

In Barcelona, BikeSquare offers a wide choice of electric bike tours to discover the enchanting capital of Modernism, its   history, the sea, the Montjuic Olympic hill, through its partner E-BikeRent Barcelona.

In Andalusia, BikeSquare offers the chance to cycle along Malaga sea promenade, and to discover the complex history of the Andalusian and Arabic towns of Cordoba and Granada.

In Malaga, thanks to the collaboration with QQBikes, BikeSquare promotes a discovery tour of the historical center, the sea promenade and the Gibrafaro Castle and outdoor tours along the Sierra of Torremolinos and Benalmadena mountains.

In Cordoba, BikeSquare offers the chance to discover the city moorish and medieval traits and the ruins of Medina Azahara   Arab Muslim medieval citadel​ , outskirts the city center, thanks to Elektrik Cordoba.

Last but not least, BikeSquare offers the chance to visit Granada historical fortresses and uphill districts and to explore the surrounding Sierra Nevada National Park thanks to E-Bike Tour Granada. ​

For more information, please check BikeSquare website ​

About BikeSquare:  
BikeSquare is an Italian startup specialized in electric bike tours and smart mobility. It offers a dedicated platform and APP for e-bike tours in Italy, Spain and Slovenia. BikeSquare is partner of E.ON, the German electric energy company, for services regarding the promotion of smart mobility.

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