A Very Human Future-Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World New Book Launch

The launch of the latest book from Fast Future. A Very Human Future-Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World acknowledges the powerful technological shifts reshaping our world.

London, England, Oct 18, 2018 -- October 18th sees the launch of the latest book from Fast Future. A Very Human Future—Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World acknowledges the powerful technological shifts reshaping our world and addresses five key themes that are occupying the minds of individuals, politicians, business leaders, and civil society organizations across the globe:

Exponential Technologies - How might exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) evolve over the next two decades and impact society, business, industry sectors, and government?

Future of Work – What are the implications for the way work will be organised and executed in the future and the net impact on employment?

People First - With powerful technological shifts reshaping our world and straining the old social fabric, how can we keep humanity at the centre of the story?

Policy Priorities - What societal, political, and economic priorities are required, so that we avoid dehumanizing ourselves and future generations?

Enriching Humanity - How can we harness intense technological bursts of possibility to bring about a better world for all its inhabitants?

The scale of likely future disruption is driven by the commercial and competitive drive from companies and countries to be leaders in the race to dominate world changing fields such as AI, blockchain, and genomics. Indeed, the central argument of the book is that we cannot and generally should not try to hold back innovation. Instead, the book argues that we need to overturn the death grip of decaying orthodoxies and assumptions that hold back societal adaptation and human advancement.

A Very Human Future is a call to experiment with a range of actions and initiatives to prepare ourselves for a radically different world and range of possible futures—because we simply don't know if AI and its disruptive cousins will eliminate more jobs than they create.

At the heart of the human challenge lie education, social skills, curiosity, and digital literacy at every level of society. To help achieve this massive uplift in our understanding of a changing world, Fast Future has launched a global offer where every educator and student over the age of 16 can receive a free electronic copy of all of Fast Future’s books exploring different aspects of the future.

"The book is designed to challenge our thinking about the inevitability of technology taking over and humans becoming servants of the machine. To respond effectively, we have to ensure that the education system understands our changing world and is preparing people for it. That is why we have made our free book offer to educators and students – we don’t just want to talk about A Very Human Future – we want to enable it through practical actions." 
-Rohit Talwar

As lead author, Rohit has been captivating audiences across the globe from California, Washington D.C., and New York to Singapore, St. Petersburg and Dubai, pulling no punches on the hurdles we must overcome to enable a future where everyone has hope. His speeches inspire attendees to go beyond expressing concern to starting practical trials of actions that individuals, businesses, governments, and society can undertake to begin preparing for fundamental and unpredictable shifts in everything we take for granted from employment to schooling.

"Ultimately, A Very Human Future is about a fundamental shift in the scale of priority placed on people and the investment required to enable a more equitable and inclusive future for all." - Steve Wells

In the book, Talwar and his co-authors Steve Wells, Alexandra Whittington, and Helena Calle present a hard hitting twelve-point manifesto of how we can prepare ourselves for deep disruption.  The book backs up these core themes with a range of ideas and actions through which we can start to experiment our way through the potential shocks to employment, civil society, and the economy.

"Each chapter looks at how new ideas enabled by emerging technologies are straining the old social fabric, and proposes radical future scenarios, strategies, and actions to safeguard humanity from harm and enhance opportunity for all.” 
-Alexandra Whittington

A Very Human Future depicts the future as not one, but many.  The authors use positive stories and visions of the future as beacons for thoughtful social adaptation.

“The scale of the new technologies requires a protective logic for moving forward, keeping humanity at the centre of the story so that we avoid dehumanizing ourselves and future generations." - Helena Calle

Read more about the book: A Very Human Future-Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World. http://fastfuturepublishing.com/main/shop/a-very-human-future-enriching-humanity-in-a-digitized-world/

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