Online Agency Releases Web Writing Advice for Businesses

Getting more people to read, like, and share your content on the internet.

Palatine, IL, March 21, 2019 -- Online agency Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Inc. ( has published an overview that details website writing and blogging best practices for 2019.

Among other advice, the free article includes the importance of applying a marketing strategy and the need to write for smart technologies.

Research reveals that Google and other search engines are more likely to rank longer content on the first page of search engine return pages. At the same time, studies disclose that web visitors rarely, if ever, read content word for word. This article resolves the obvious conflict between the need for long content and the reality of short attention spans.

"A huge amount of content is available on the internet," said Nancy Burgess, owner of Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Inc. "As a business owner, you need to make your content stand out, so web visitors will read and engage with it."

The agency provides clients with SEO services including website analysis, keyword research, comprehensive SEO training, local SEO strategies, content creation, analytics, and SEO implementation. It publishes a monthly marketing blog.

Based on solid research, this how-to summary can be accessed at "Writing for the Web ("

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