POS, Cash Register & ATM Text Inserter / Overlay on CCTV Video HD DVR

POS Video Camera Interface to Text Overlay-Inserter on Cash Register, Point-Of-Sale (POS) System, ATM and more.

Atlanta, Georgia, March 7, 2019 -- Today, iLink Professionals Inc., is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our line of products the iTIVO-HD POS, Cash Register & ATM Text Inserter. This unique integration allows numerous of standalone DVR’s after the installation of the text interface (iTIVO-HD), to display the transactions from your cash register or POS System.

Once a transaction is started, the data generated is sent to the iTIVO-HD from the cash register/POS and then that same data is displayed on top (superimpose) of the normal camera picture. This is a perfect product to have with employee theft and fraud becoming much more common. The iTIVO-HD links the data with the picture so that on the monitor screen you will see not only the cashier and the product being sold, but also the price charged by the clerk for that product.

The iTIVO-HD Text Inserter works with CCTV AHD, TVI, CVI & CVBS analog cameras, standard analog DVR or XVRs. iLink Professionals technicians have tested the Text Inserter for compatibility with numerous POS systems and cash registers. For example, Ruby 1, Ruby 2, Dresser Wayne Nucleus, Gilbarco Passport, NCR, Epson, Sharp, and many more.  The Text Inserter features make it easy for owners to monitor transactions such as: Cash drawer monitoring, blinking text on flagged transactions/exceptions like VOID, No Sale, Refund and many more...

- Displays up to 10 lines
- Displays up to 40 characters per line
- Programmable text sizes, gray scale, background, and transparency
- Text can be positioned anywhere on screen
- Programmable scrolling speed, pause and screen clear timers
- Blinking text and LED on flagged transactions (exceptions)
- 16 programmable flagged/suspicious transactions (For Example: Void, No Sale, Cancelled, etc.)
- Up to 4000 transactions and exceptions logging with time stamp (minimum 500, optional)
- 2 trigger inputs
- 2 alarm outputs
- Cash drawer monitoring
- Video loss and com activity LEDs for ease of installation and fault finding
- Host/PC programming

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