Erwin Singh Braich wants to know how the residents of Mission can be fairly compensated?

Alleged corruption and conspiracy at heart of probe into major fraudulent activities.

Mission, British Columbia, April 27, 2019 --  "For almost two decades, this atrocity has been an open secret, hiding in plain sight. The collusion is so very transgressive and involves so many parties, in fiduciary positions, in the municipal and provincial governments, among others." stated Sarbjit Bains.

"This remaining family owned waterfront, consisting of several parcels, was recently offered for sale by the well known international firm Cushman & Wakefield Inc. at a price well in excess of one hundred million dollars. Given this evidence it is extremely suspicious, in the context of the important history of the Braich family's waterfront properties, that four or five parcels have been assessed, for 17 plus years, at one ($1) dollar per PID Number. Our research has indicated that this resulted in a whopping eighty (80) to eighty-five (85) cents in taxes collected by the District of Mission for the duration of this reality! Yes, this means that less than one ($1) dollar will have been received by the municipal coffers in almost twenty years."

"Furthermore, the 21 year deemed disposition rule and other income tax issues, including now the 42 year rule, for the second 21 year deemed disposition rule with the Canadian Revenue Agency have been neglected. This along with the fact that the Estates of both Herjiwan (Jimmy) Braich and Herman Braich Jr. have not been probated speaks volumes. They passed away, respectively, ten and seven years ago, on August 8, 2009 and February 4, 2012. This begs a lot of questions."

"Mission Citizen of the Millennium, Herman Singh Braich Sr., would be rolling over in his grave, except that he was cremated, at this far-reaching and soon to be epic rip-off" added Bains.

Karen Dhaliwal commented that Herman Singh Braich Sr.'s eldest son, philanthropist and Industrialist, Erwin Singh Braich Sr. (Mission Citizen of the Year – 1996), "is sincerely seeking the community's input in an effort to fairly square up this ledger."

"Mr. Erwin Braich has given our team the task of circulating a petition, relating to this matter, with the goal of garnering the requisite number of signatures, for presentation by a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons, pursuant to parliamentary protocol." added Ms. Dhaliwal. "In my opinion this will be easily done given the thousands of people who were affected."

Mission resident Amandeep Uppal commented that "This, about to become highly scandalous, yet prominent, collection of parcels is going to reveal much more criminal activity than one could imagine. It all started with the malicious bankruptcy petition, by Bridgewater Properties Inc. shareholder and Erwin's younger brother, Bobby Braich. This meant that Erwin was automatically removed as a Director of Herman Enterprises Ltd. Once he was out of the way the thievery began." Ms. Uppal added confidently that "Racketeering, fraudulent conveyances, brazen theft, lack of accountability, intimidation, blackmail, criminal conspiracy and more are all present in this saga; the facts are clear; the documents don't lie. All of this nefarious activity will overshadow the doctrine of res judicata which lawyers for both Kenny Braich and Bobby Braich have been thus far so reliant upon for their legal defense to date (Kenny is also a shareholder of Bridgewater Properties Inc. It should be clarified to the public that Bridgewater Properties Inc. is the dubious registered owner of certain of the waterfront parcels.). Ample and sufficient case law and whistleblowers will ensure this."

Of great concern is the fact that someone on the District of Mission's Council, whose members change frequently during elections, must have known about the one ($1) dollar assessments, which resulted in the collection of one penny per annum. How this was allowed to stand for so long and through various changes in Council members, and other non-elected government employees, will have to be carefully explored.

Furthermore, disturbing allegations of Elder Abuse towards Mrs. Surjeet Kaur Braich, before her death will be thoroughly examined as well. Apart from numerous inter-family restraining orders that were pronounced by the Supreme Court of British Columbia; Mrs. Braich, the widow of Mr. Herman Singh Braich Sr., had been isolated after suffering a stroke. Restrictions were put on visitation rights and members of her own extended family were prevented from visiting her. Rather than in home care Mrs. Braich was placed in a facility. Non of the conventional treatments for persons with her afflictions were performed or attempted.

After her passing, shockingly, there was no public memorial service or funeral. All of her friends and family were simply left out of any sort of ceremony.

Consistent with the result of Elder Abuse, Mrs. Braich's Last Will & Testament will be contested.

Researchers and legal professionals are currently delving into this matter. Investigative journalists will be developing a documentary as well. When contacted for comment, Erwin Singh Braich said that he was "Inviting suggestions from residents of Mission as to an equitable solution. This is just the prelude to the opening of an ugly Pandora's box of covert activity, which was enabled by certain professionals, elected officials, and purveyors of disinformation all of which will quickly be unraveled. My father would certainly not have and I am not going to allow this kind of activity in the city where I was born. That being said, at this moment in time, I strongly need the residents of Mission to assist us in righting this wrong. All written commentary can be directed to"

Erwin Singh Braich
Waterfront in Mission BC
Mission, British Columbia