Bleujour’s Move Gets The iF Design Computer d&I Award at Computex 2019

Bleujour's premium workstation, Move, is designed to fulfill the needs of a frequent computer user with heavy usage on-the-go.

Toulouse, France, May 23, 2019 -- Bleujour's premium workstation, Move, is designed to fulfill the needs of a frequent computer user with heavy usage on-the-go. It enables a PC user to experience the full potential of a desktop PC wherever the user wants. No computer is comparable to the Move, and its ergonomic handle, integrated in its design that allows you to carry it easily. The Move is the very embodiment of the company's desire to bring together in one and the same computer all the elements to make it a unique mini-workstation. It provides you the power of a fixed PC, wherever and whenever you want it. 8th Generation Intel Core processor, Radeon RX Vega M Graphics, NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD storage, dual Raid storage, DDR4 memory etc. Everything has been designed ensuring the creation of a powerful, functional machine radiating aesthetics on the fly.

Since the arrival of portability, the management of data and the need to always have a copy of your data became an unasked necessity and several companies strived hard to ensure that they delivered the necessary services to preserve data and provide maximum privacy on the cloud. However, no matter how safe a cloud gets, it still has and will always have vulnerabilities to be exposed. Therefore, Bleujour has setup a unique mechanism to back up your data on your Move which ensures maximum security. With Move, you can store and save all your data, videos, photos or documents in "live" thanks to the second storage in Raid 1. Raid 1 follows the concept of "disk mirroring" and ensures a complete redundancy of the data. Furthermore, it automates the complete redundancy of your data which is systematically duplicated on both disks. As a result, you always have a backup if either of your disk fails.

Amidst all the provided facilities of unmatched aesthetics and portability, Move also makes sure it cannot be ruled out due to lack of the numerous connectivity facilities available in this age. With the radical advancements in the tech world, computers have immense power and this power comes with a number of add-ons arriving with them.

Bleujour's Move arrives with the accessibility of Wireless technology and Bluetooth latest generation embedded to communicate with your devices such as an Internet Box, Smartphone, Printer and any smart gadget you happen to possess. Moreover, the workstation contains both USB 3.0/3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 that will propel your productivity to other horizons. Lastly, it allows you to increase the radius of experiencing its amazing power to up to 6 screens by providing the kind of multiple display the world needs.

To sum it up, Bleujour's Move is undoubtedly the best PC in terms of agility, durability, performance, portability and speed combined.

This is Bleujour's second consecutive success at the Computex Taipei after winning the iF Design Computer d&I Award at Computex 2018 for its optimum portable PC, Kubb.

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About Bleujour:
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