Science Fiction & Fantasy Author Releases Second Audiobook To Space Opera Series

Author Matthew J Opdyke has teamed up with Narrator Allison Taylor and released a new audiobook, PATHWAY TO THE STARS: PART 1, VESHA CELESTE. Now available on Audible!.

Omaha, NE, May 19, 2019 -- FTB Pathway Publications is proud to announce that Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author Matthew J Opdyke has combined efforts with Narrator Allison Taylor and released the first audiobook in the space opera booklet series, Pathway to the Stars!

"As she drifted into her dreams, there was Sky, her dream angel, heralding her along, engaging in heroic acts of daring-do, and letting her know, 'Your dreams are yours to pursue, they are beautiful, and you can't let anyone slow you down.' " ~ Sky to Vesha Celeste

New Audiobook Release!

Vesha Celeste journeys with Yesha Alevtina and her dream-angel, Sky, following a long life of high hopes, dreams, and professional achievements in astronomy and astrophysics. We explore Vesha's life and learn more about Yesha as she shows and teaches her about biopods, spaceports, and tech cities that are hidden, cloaked with invisibility, and located solar-system-wide!

Discover the Virtual Universe and learn about Eliza Williams, who founded Pathway! A beautiful team dedicates their lives to recruiting and working with various characters pivotal to the enigmatic and hope-giving story to develop all of Eliza's advances and designs. Appreciate the charm and vibrancy of enthusiasm toward the sciences and innovations of many great individuals endeavoring to put well-being first toward goals to journey to the vast regions of space.

There is a lot for Vesha to learn about Pathway's quest to save the Universe, one crucial step at a time. Enjoy Vesha's lifelong pursuits as we begin this journey throughout our Solar System!

This audiobook is now available on Audible!

This giant Space Opera Series will attract readers with a creative mind and a passion for looking at the world with a new vision of improving our environment, increasing our freedoms, and enhancing a state of mind toward progression. Gain both entertainment and education alike throughout the entire Space Saga - available in novel and booklet series. Let's begin the journey through the Cosmos!

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