1st Place Winner - Purple Dragonfly Book Award

The new children's resource picture book, Puffy Gets Angry, has won the 1st Place Purple Dragonfly Book Award.

Greer, SC, July 12, 2019 -- The judges of the 2019 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards contest, which recognizes excellence in children's books, have spoken, and Puffy Gets Angry by Rich Pfeiffer, PhD and Susie Post Roberts, has won 1st PLACE in the General category.

The Purple Dragonfly Book Award is a prestigious international book competition that was created to celebrate the best in children's books.

"Winning any place in the Purple Dragonfly Contest is a huge honor because in order to maintain the integrity of the Dragonfly Book Awards, a minimum score is required before a First or Second place or Honorable Mention will be awarded and the competition was especially steep this year," explained Linda F. Radke, president of Story Monsters Magazine, the sponsor of the Dragonfly Book Awards.

"This is a wonderful honor," said author Susie Post Roberts, "and it rewards all the effort we have put in. I'm very glad that kids like it, too!"

Puffy Gets Angry is a new children's picture book designed to provide a guide for adults to help kids (age 3-9) learn how to manage their anger. The most difficult part of anger is the automatic reaction of the primitive brain. Learning how to slow down this automatic response is the key to successfully managing anger. Becoming increasingly aware of one's anger in the body requires practice. When there is more awareness of the angry feeling, the child can use techniques like deep breathing to calm him/her self down.

This children's resource costs $9.99 and can be purchased on Amazon or for autographed copies please go to the author's website

Rich Pfeiffer, PhD is a clinical psychologist who specializes in anger management. He is the President of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) and is widely recognized as an expert in anger management. Susie Post Roberts is a talented creator of stories and has an abiding interest in helping children's mental health. She is the mother of four successful adult children.

Susie Post Roberts or Rich Pfeiffer
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