Dina Saalisi Healing Arts Offers Flower Essences Healing Sessions in Los Angeles

Those impacted by trauma now have a more innovative and effective option for healing. 

Los Angeles, CA, Aug 16, 2019 -- Those impacted by trauma now have a more innovative and effective option for healing. Dina Saalisi Healing Arts provides focused and individualized healing sessions, as well as an upcoming online class 4 Weeks to Using Flower Essences to Heal Trauma, that helps people heal and transform their trauma.  She teaches people an empowered way of being that meets challenges with courage and ease.

"I help self-aware people to transform their fears, phobias, anxiety and depression using flower essences, so they can heal, thrive and live vibrant lives, even if they feel like they've tried it all", says Dina, Founder and Owner of Dina Saalisi Healing Arts. "I specialize in Flower Essences and Flower Essence Therapy. This, combined with Health Coach practices, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques & lifestyle medicine, is ideal for optimal health of body, mind, spirit & soul."

Since opening in 2016, Dina Saalisi Healing Arts has received numerous positive reviews from clients, many of whom were skeptical at first. "I will never forget this experience of my first learning of flower essences! exclaimed Jenna R.  "I really enjoyed Dina's teaching style, calm energy, soothing voice, and genuine interest in guiding each of us on how to move through the rough times. Dina's insights on personal problems were relatable and the advice given resonates. It felt to be a very safe space to sit in, and share in. I can't wait to take another class!"  Julie S. added that "Dina's knowledge of healing modalities, including flower essences, combined with her insight and wisdom has really made a difference in my life. I am so grateful."

Because of the growing interest and demand, she recently expanded her Flower Essence and Health Coaching practice, and now offers in-person healing sessions in Los Angeles, CA and Santa Cruz, CA.  As well, in her upcoming online class in September, Dina is now accepting registrations to join her wait list.  Her class will focus on how to use flower essences, guided meditations, writing exercises and sharing, to transform trauma.  It will be capped at a set number of students, and slots are filling up fast.

Join the wait list (https://dshealingarts.com/4-weeks-to-using-flower-essences-to-heal-trauma-level-1/) for her upcoming flower essence online class in September, or schedule a free consultation (https://dshealingarts.com).

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