Travel Trend Founder Shares Five Search Hacks of Finding The Cheapest Flights Online

Tourism professional Uri Sharon offers his favorite tips for cheap travel in a new blog post.

Berlin, Aug 29, 2019 -- Looking for the cheapest flights online? Renowned travel expert Uri Sharon is sharing his best tips for finding discounted airline tickets.

The founder and editor of Travel Trend recently shared the article “Secrets to Sourcing the Cheapest Flights Revealed” at The article shares five search hacks for finding cheap airline tickets.

Sharon reveals that there are a number of proven methods for saving money on plane tickets. It all starts with taking the time to compare options offered by online travel agents (OTA’s), such as Skyscanner, Opodo, or Google Flights.

"OTAs act as a middle man ‘shopfront,’ often selling flights cheaper than the airline in a move as a ‘loss leader’ or through making extra money by providing other services as insurance, car, hotels etc.," he said.

As such, they have more bargaining power with airlines.

Sharon recommends using the booking system app Skiplagged to secure the cheapest airfare. Skiplagged works by using a sophisticated algorithm to reveal flights that would normally be hidden from customers

"For specific flights, it’s an effective way of saving on the ticket cost," he said.

Another source for discounted flights: marketplaces for resellers to unload nonrefundable tickets they can no longer use. Websites like and allow people who can't use nonrefundable tickets to sell them at a discount to buyers.

It's also helpful, Sharon said, to be flexible on dates and times, as traveling during times of low demand can lead to cheaper airfare.

Finally, it's very important for travelers searching for cheap plane tickets to use incognito mode in Google Chrome to avoid tracking, which can higher prices. Searching by desktop versus mobile can also yield cheaper tickets.

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