20 Gutter Facts for 20 Years of The Brothers Who Just Do Gutters

Two decades after its inception, The Brothers Who Just Do Gutters has reached 12 locations throughout the US and continues to grow.

Hudson Valley, NY, Sep 11, 2019 -- Two decades after its inception, The Brothers Who Just Do Gutters has reached 12 locations throughout the US and continues to grow. 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of The Brothers Who Just Do Gutters . To celebrate we’ve assembled a list of 20 interesting facts about gutters.

20 Facts About Gutters:

1. The first people to incorporate gutters on their dwellings was the Indus Valley civilization. Their clay brick gutters date back to approximately 3000 BC.

2. The Romans brought gutters to Western civilization when they introduced them to Great Britain in 47 BC.

3. Gargoyles are essentially gutters with faces. These structures were originally designed to direct water away from the side of the buildings they were installed on.

4. In 1240 the first downspout in Great Britain was installed to the Tower of London, and closely resembles the ones we continue to use today.

5. In the early 1900’s, rounded gutters made of rolled metal began growing in popularity.

6. The 1960’s were a time a great cultural change. Even the gutter industry was revolutionized with the advent of the seamless gutter machine.

7. Before the 1980’s gutters were commonly featured on automobiles to prevent drivers and passengers from getting wet when they exited the vehicle.

8. If gutters are not maintained properly, they can trap moisture and rot the wood boards of your home’s roof and siding.

9. Neglected gutters can be harmful to your physical health as well. Debris caught in gutters can decompose and generate mold. Standing water becomes a breeding ground for disease carrying insects.

10. To prevent these and other issues with minimal maintenance, Gutter guards were introduced to the market.

11. Brush gutter guards look like large pipe cleaners and are inserted into gutters to block large debris.

12. Foam gutters are essentially big sponges for your gutters. Though somewhat effective, they remain susceptible to plant and algae propagation.

13. Reverse curve or waterfall gutter guards take advantage of water’s surface tension with a curved cover that almost completely covers the gutters. Cleaning requires disassembling.

14. Mesh guards may be the most effective way to keep gutters clean. If you live an area with high pollen conditions, try to find mesh gutter guards with a lower micron count (larger holes) to prevent pollen from clogging the screen.

15. Mesh gutter guards can be outfitted with hooks to easily hang Christmas lights.

16. Electrically heated gutters are also available for those living in climates with extreme snow and ice. These devices prevent ice dams and the damage they cause.

17. Cleaning gutters is a dangerous job. Falls off ladders are the number one cause for accidental injuries at home and account for more than 6,500 deaths every year.

18. Gutters impact the value of your home. Even if you haven’t experienced water damage to the structure of your house, gutters in poor condition can detract approximately $500 – $1000 from your home’s selling price.

19. Copper gutters and accessories can improve your home’s curb appeal. Decorative hangers, brackets, rain chains and downspout bands add custom flair with ornate, floral, oceanic and other custom styles.

20. Your gutters can help you go green by incorporating them with rainwater collection systems. Watering your lawn and garden with rainwater reduces utility costs and water consumption.

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Story

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters was born out of Ken Parson’s vision for a better contracting service. While working as a gutter installer for an independent company during summers between teaching history in the mid-1990’s, he determined exactly what qualities such an operation should embody. In 1999 his plans were solidified with the opening of what is now called The Brothers That Just Do Gutters.

Ken was able to recruit his brother Ryan, trained and educated as a graphic designer, to join him as Chief Solutionist of their growing operation. The siblings haven’t looked back since.

Fast forward to 2019. Ken and Ryan have helped dozens of other motivated individuals, partners and couples realize the American Dream by opening The Brothers That Just Do Gutters franchises of their own. Today, there are 11 Brothers Gutter franchise locations and one corporate own location including Hudson Valley, NY, New Milford, CT, Monmouth, NJ, Lehigh Valley, PA, Richmond, VA, Lynchburg, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, Jacksonville, FL, Seattle, WA, San Antonio, TX, South Charlotte, NC and Columbus, GA. Their proprietary system enables speedy growth and ample return on investment with direct training, ongoing consultation and strategic marketing.

For more information about Brothers Gutter system, visit www.brothersfranchise.com or call (845) 705-7276.