How IT and Computer Equipment Move Office Relocations

When companies relocate there are any number of considerations for a successful move. In the 21st century, it’s difficult to argue that anything is more important is the safe transport of IT equipment.

Hanover, MA, Oct 25, 2019 -- When companies relocate there are any number of considerations for a successful move. In the 21st century, it’s difficult to argue that anything is more important is the safe transport of IT equipment and capabilities--with the possible exception of that equipment being installed and ready to go ASAP.

“The checklist of things needed for a successful office move is fairly long. You can successfully relocate an office of 100 people with everybody’s work station in place but if IT is not up and running within a reasonable period, then the move can have some serious financial repercussions,” said George Rohlfing, owner of the family-owned and operated Brookline Transportation, Inc (BTI). “First and foremost, every office relocation should include a game plan/strategy for moving and installing IT. That strategy should consider downtime and it’s costs as part of the overall price of the move.”

Added Rohlfing, "If you’re a company with sales of $2M and a net profit of 10 percent, IT costs you $450.00 per hour while operating. If you have downtime of 10 hours—five hours before and five hours after the move—it will cost $4,500 in profit for downtime. Most companies don’t consider that as part of the relocation equation. If you hire the wrong mover and your cost could be considerably higher."

To that end, BTI offers a simple worksheet to calculate and compare your company’s downtime cost.

Additionally, Rohlfing recommends the following essentials in developing that game plan: a complete IT infrastructure assessment of current and proposed locations; an evaluation of epower, uninterruptable power supply (UPS) coverage for critical office technologies, HVAC, CRAC Room ventilation, network and equipment positioning requirements; an inventory of all office technology assets including conference rooms and common areas, as well as all critical business and support applications.

The game should also include evaluations of: wifi network coverage; physical security, alarm and employee access systems; network downtime options versus redundant hardware and applications during cut over; technology upgrades for potential project consolidation or modernization; and the current phone system.

Wire management plays a pivotal role in IT relocations. Any move plan should include a focus on how to improve the look of each workstation. For example, utilizing new variable height desks to keep wires from getting tangled.

“Often times, a relocation presents a good opportunity to upgrade hardware and software. We’ve had a number of corporate clients use a relocation in that method,” said Rohlfing. “To that end, we offer a number of decommissioning services to dispose of old computers, printers and other hardware.”

BTI also offers disassembly and recycling services for old workstations and office furniture.

Added Rohlfing, “The key is to start your planning 12 months in advance. That means hiring your moving company ASAP so you can, beginning the dialogue and planning for the move. IT kind of goes without saying that you want a mover who has done your type of move before and has a track record in handling IT equipment. Always ask for references."

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