NRVT's Story: Sparks from the Wire

It's Middlesex Street, a stone's throw away from Liverpool Street in London UK, November 2019 and NRVT is about to step into Usaine Bolt's restaurant Tracks and Records.  Why here? NRVT explains.

London, England, Nov 22, 2019 -- It's Middlesex Street, a stone's throw away from Liverpool Street in London UK, November 2019 and NRVT is about to step into Usaine Bolt's restaurant Tracks and Records.  Why here? NRVT explains.  Yesterday he came into the restaurant to have a look, had a glance at the menu while Burning Spear  played in the background.  Guess what NRVT says "Wow a vegan selection" Ackee with rice and peas and stew.

So here we are discussing what next after the four releases of NRVT.  Those four tracks if you didn't know in order of release are 'Livingroom', 'Midnight Riv', 'All About U', and 'Nuttall Street Burglars.'  Radio DJ JJ Kane has been good to NRVT playing each song on her weekly JJ Kane Music Show and JJ Kane All New Music Show.

This new artist NRVT points out we need to discuss how new an artist NRVT is.  NRVT reveals that if you go onto the British Library's web site the National Sound Archive (NSA) and tap in NRVT in the search the main catalogue you see and find several audio entries from the year 2000.  NRVT explains 2020 is 20 years on but only God knows why 2019 was chosen as the year for four commercial releases with Baggy Music Entertainment.  "Was God waiting for NRVT to become a vegan before any showers of blessings - well NRVT been vegan for 15years."

In that space of time from 2000 to 2020 NRVT worked for Five years in the music industry, became a vegan, packed up and went on to University to earn a degree from the University of London. NRVT explains the rest of the time was a search for value in life and finding the right medium to express the art inside the human body and the Universe.

NRVT remembers drinking a bottle of Jamaican Red Label wine in one minute to see what would happen after dark in a park.  Headphones on, eyes to the sky past midnight.  NRVT woke up in the morning with mud in the bed and hand prints on the wall - yeah that's entertainment.

For NRVT sitting in Usaine Bolt's Tracks and Records restaurant is significant, but why?

NRVT needs to learn how to sprint in the spirit.  All these years of reading, researching, studying all different subjects and topics including the book of Genesis right up to the book of Revelation, the Lion of Judah, and all that jazz is relevant to where NRVT is heading as the Life Force is strong.

NRVT looks at the rice and peas, ackee and plantain that has just arrived at the table, praises God and tells all to watch out for 2020" the time for NRVT to head for the hills.

We couldn't let NRVT just end the interview like that, so we pop the question:

Q1:  I'm here with you right now eating vegan Caribbean cuisine - all good - however when I look at your record covers there is no image of NRVT, any reason, please explain?

NRVT:  Look, if God wants to see my face in an art gallery it will be.  I just don't feel the need to have my face out there not now anyway.  The art is the music rather than my face.  Those who know me, know me you know what I'm sayin' let's keep it real.  For NRVT it's been a 20 year struggle and I don't want to frighten anybody with the smile on my face.  NRVT is my avatar, an anonymous one.  Those who would like to collaborate with me can contact my label Baggy Music Entertainment and express that interest, and I'm sure we can work somethinng out.  It's not like I've never been out there.  Those that were there at Hackney Empire's 'Friday Night Live' saw what NRVT was all about praise God.

Q2:  So say you sell a million songs and there is great demand from booking agents, what you gonna do?

NRVT:  Maybe I head to the gym with a skipping rope so I can see the sparks from the wire and make a decision, can NRVT do it?

Q3:  What is your greatest realization to date?

NRVT:  There are a lot of people out there that can waste your time, but if you position in the right way, get some professional press releases out there and distributed sooner or later you'll see how many services will come running to your door to help you take your career to the next level where intelligence reigns supreme.

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