The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Promote Long-Time Employee KayLyn Romeo to Multi-Media Franchise Manager

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters has grown from two brothers in a truck to 12 locations across the country and counting.

Hudson Valley, NY, Nov 15, 2019 -- The Brothers That Just Do Gutters has grown from two brothers in a truck to 12 locations across the country and counting. As the operation evolves, so have the roles of some of their team members. KayLyn Romeo is one such team employee. Her title has been expanded from Franchise Marketing Associate to Multi-Media Franchise Manager.

A lifelong New Yorker, KayLyn was born in Long Island raised in Poughkeepsie – where she currently resides. This makes for a (relatively) easy commute to The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Headquarters in Arlington, NY. She received her bachelor’s degree in-state from SUNY Oneonta in Mass Communications with a concentration in production.

KayLyn also donates her time and expertise to a project she co-founded with fellow Brothers Gutters employee, Danielle Kolachik, called The dKol la femme Project. This non-profit focuses on healing through various modes of therapeutic artistic expression – including KayLyn’s own photography. They raise funds to support the telling of individual’s stories through artistic expression (free of charge to the participant) to foster healing and create awareness.

The specialized training she received in higher education and real-life experience is applied to every Brothers That Just Do Gutters Franchise and the entire company. She strategizes and deploys engaging multi-media awareness campaigns that comprised of blog posts, social media, video and most recently; podcasts. This engaging content raises visibility for individual locations and the brand as a whole. The most satisfying part of working at The Brothers That Just Do Gutters is for KayLyn is “the creative aspect of the job.”

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Story
The Brothers That Just Do Gutters was born out of Ken Parson’s vision for a better contracting service. While working as a gutter installer for an independent company during summers between teaching history in the mid-1990’s, he determined exactly what qualities such an operation should embody. In 1999 his plans were solidified with the opening of what is now called The Brothers That Just Do Gutters.

Ken was able to recruit his brother Ryan, trained and educated as a graphic designer, to join him as Chief Solutionist of their growing operation. The siblings haven’t looked back since.

Fast forward to 2019. Ken and Ryan have helped dozens of other motivated individuals, partners and couples realize the American Dream by opening The Brothers That Just Do Gutters franchises of their own. Today, there are 11 Brothers Gutter franchise locations and one corporate own location including Hudson Valley, NY, New Milford, CT, Monmouth, NJ, Lehigh Valley, PA, Richmond, VA, Lynchburg, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, Jacksonville, FL, Seattle, WA, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, South Charlotte, NC and Columbus, GA. Their proprietary system enables speedy growth and ample return on investment with direct training, ongoing consultation and strategic marketing.

For more information about Brothers Gutter system, visit or call (845) 705-7276.

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