Damn Nuisance. Ice Dam Solutions - Avoidance and Clearance

With frigid temperatures and frozen precipitation, winter is the season to be extra grateful for the roof over your head.

Hudson Valley, NY, Dec 21, 2019 -- With frigid temperatures and frozen precipitation, winter is the season to be extra grateful for the roof over your head. It is also an opportunity to extend the longevity of the shelter your home provides. Measures to prevent and eradicate ice dams are perhaps the most impactful maintenance tasks you can perform as a homeowner.

Ice dams have the ability to wreak havoc on your home by dislodging gutters and introducing interior moisture. This can result in rotted siding, warped floors, stained ceilings and more.

You can avoid these unfortunate circumstances with tips from Ken Parsons of The Brothers That Just Do Gutters to prevent ice dams before they form and eradicate ones that have already taken hold.

Preemptive Measures:

Pack Your Heat
When your roof is an uneven temperature, melted snow and ice from warm spots trickle to the freezing edges and form dams. Insulate your ceiling so that warm air stays where it should. This will also help you reduce HVAC costs year-round.

Be a Cable Guy 
Another approach to the same scenario is to stop ice dams before they can start by installing heating cables in a zig zag pattern on the eaves of your roof. This way, even if your roof is unevenly heated, trickling water won’t be able to form ice when it reaches the edge of your roof. It will remain liquid and irrigate routinely.

Removal Techniques:

Sock It To ‘Em
If icicles are lining the edge of your roof like holiday decorations, you already have ice dams. One way to get rid of existing dams is to fill a pantyhose or sock up with snow melt (calcium chloride) and place it over the affected area. You can use a long tool like a pool skimmer to get the positioning just right.

Your Home’s Biggest Fan
Cool down your roofs warm spots by directing a ceiling fan to blow cold air directly at them from inside your attic. This will stop melting so ice dams cannot grow.

Rake It in 
After each snow, you can clean your roof off with a specially designed roof rake. Removing snow before it can melt will prevent dams from forming. By reducing the weight on your roof, you’ll also be extending its life by preventing sagging.

While these techniques are effective, your best bet at combating ice dams is to seek the help of a professional. Ken says, “We couldn’t possibly fit all the causes of and solutions to ice dams in one brief article. Because each home is unique, an individual assessment should be made to pinpoint problem areas and address them.”

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Story
The Brothers That Just Do Gutters was born out of Ken Parson’s vision for a better contracting service. While working as a gutter installer for an independent company during summers between teaching history in the mid-1990’s, he determined exactly what qualities such an operation should embody. In 1999 his plans were solidified with the opening of what is now called The Brothers That Just Do Gutters.

Ken was able to recruit his brother Ryan, trained and educated as a graphic designer, to join him as Chief Solutionist of their growing operation. The siblings haven’t looked back since.

Fast forward to 2019. Ken and Ryan have helped dozens of other motivated individuals, partners and couples realize the American Dream by opening The Brothers That Just Do Gutters franchises of their own. Today, there are 11 Brothers Gutter franchise locations and one corporate own location including Hudson Valley, NY, New Milford, CT, Monmouth, NJ, Lehigh Valley, PA, Richmond, VA, Lynchburg, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, Jacksonville, FL, Seattle, WA, San Antonio, TX, South Charlotte, NC and Columbus, GA. Their proprietary system enables speedy growth and ample return on investment with direct training, ongoing consultation and strategic marketing.

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