Gearing up Your Gutters for Winter

As temperatures begin their steady decline and trees start to shed their leaves, homeowners must once again prepare for the winter ahead.

Hudson Valley, NY, Jan 04, 2020 -- As temperatures begin their steady decline and trees start to shed their leaves, homeowners must once again prepare for the winter ahead. Removing window unit air conditioners, replacing weather stripping, closing-up the fireplace and a slew of other tasks form lengthy to-do lists that must be completed in the short autumn season. Too often, amid all these activities, gutter maintenance falls to the wayside.

If ignored, clogged or underperforming gutters have the potential to wreak havoc on homes during the coldest months of the year. The sibling ownership team of The Brothers That Just Do Gutters, Ken and Ryan Parsons, have shared with us the top 5 ways to get your gutters ready for the season ahead.

1. Leave Out Debris 
Remove leaves and other debris from gutters. Waste will clog gutter system and create an environment ripe for ice dams that degrade your home’s roof, walls, foundation and ability to insulate.

2. Stay on Guard 
Consider adding gutter guards to your system to prevent such buildup in the first place. Gutter guards are available in brush, foam, screen or mesh, reverse curve and other styles. Factors like budget, climate and proximity to sources of debris will determine what kind is right for you.

3. Heat Things Up 
Installing a deicing cable as a heating system to for your gutters and roof is a viable option to prevent ice dams and even melt away ones that have begun to form.

4. Hole in One 
Identify any holes in your gutters and repair them. Leaks in your gutters will divert water from the appropriate downspouts and instead trickle down the side of your home. This can cause water damage like rot and mold as well as weaken your home’s foundation. You can make a patch with the same material as your gutters and install it with roofing cement.

5. Get Out of Your Slump 
Check for sagging gutters and fix or replace them. Slumping gutters will cause a buildup of water and debris. Remove problem areas and replace damaged screws, brackets, or entire sections as needed.

While it is possible to complete some or all of these tasks by yourself, you can save yourself a good deal of time, effort and exposure to potential injury by hiring professionals. Co-owner of The Brothers That Just Do Gutters, Ken Parsons explains, “A bill for roofing maintenance services is considerably lower than the cost of mold removal, a new roof or a hospital bill after a ladder fall.”  His brother Ryan adds, “Besides, you can to keep the weekend to yourself and get peace of mind knowing your gutter system will function as it should.”

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Story:
The Brothers That Just Do Gutters was born out of Ken Parson’s vision for a better contracting service than the ones operating in his market and beyond. While working as a gutter installer for another company summers between teaching History in 1996, he determined exactly what qualities such an operation should embody. In 1999 his plans were solidified with the opening of what is now called The Brothers That Just Do Gutters.

After extensive campaigning, Ken was able to recruit his brother, Ryan to join him as the co-owner and Chief Solutionist© of their growing operation. The sibling essentially threw their higher education into the gutter and haven’t looked back since.

Fast forward to 2019. Ken and Ryan have helped dozens of other motivated individuals, partners and couples realize the American Dream by opening The Brothers That Just Do Gutters franchises of their own. Today, there are 10 Brothers Gutter franchise locations from Florida to New Jersey and even across the county in Seattle. Their proprietary system enables quick growth and ample return on investment with direct training, ongoing consultation and shared exposure.

For more information about The Brothers That Just Do Gutters system, visit or call (845) 705-7276.

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