LaTribuna Christian Publishing Investigates The Harmful Effects of 5G

The World Health Organization released this disturbing report on the dangers of 5G back in 2005.

Phoenix, AZ, Jan 09, 2020 -- As societies industrialize and the technological revolution continues, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number and diversity of electromagnetic field (EMF) sources. These sources include video display units (VDUs) associated with computers, mobile phones and their base stations. While these devices have made our life richer, safer and easier, they have been accompanied by concerns about possible health risks due to their EMF emissions.

For some time a number of individuals have reported a variety of health problems that they relate to exposure to EMF. While some individuals report mild symptoms and react by avoiding the fields as best they can, others are so severely affected that they cease work and change their entire lifestyle. This reputed sensitivity to EMF has been generally termed Electromagnetic hypersensitivityor EHS.

This fact sheet describes what is known about the condition and provides information for helping people with such symptoms. Information provided is based on a WHO Workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity (Prague, Czech Republic, 2004), an international conference on EMF and non-specific health symptoms (COST244bis, 1998), a European Commission report (Bergqvist and Vogel, 1997) and recent reviews of the literature.

Chaplain Kevin Vescio Executive Consultant of LaTribuna Christian Publishing has been investigating the harmful effects of 5G for the past year and is quoted saying, Microwave energy was created in the 1940s and has been widely studied by experts  for decades. What the general public is unclear of is that cell phone technology is not the same as 5G wifi technology, fact is both are bad for our health. The reason why the industry tries to muddy the waters with this miss information is because they do not want the truth to be known about the harmful effects of 5G.

Chaplain Kevin was also quoted saying, The public doesn't know the differences between the two 5G technical terms, all one has to do is read their cell phone manual to see buried within the fine print are instructions to keep the cell phone at least one inch away from your ear and it is advised not to allow cell phones to come into direct contact with your skin. The fine print in our cell phone manuals is so small and so embedded with legal jargon that the consumer needs to practically have x ray vision in order to be able to find it.

Chaplain Paul Vescio LaTribuna Christian Publishing's CEO is quoted saying, We at LaTribuna Christian Publishing are committed in bringing the public news stories that matter most to people. The Bible teaches that the truth shall set us free and God willing the truth about 5G will help in keeping millions of people around the world healthy safe and free of harms way Amen.

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