New, Simple Loan Program Provides Financing For Consumers Helping Contractors

Renovating from Furnace to Roof, Indoors and Outdoors. Can do. New, Simple Loan Program Provides Financing for Consumers Helping Contractors.

Lincoln, RI and Massachusetts, Jan 10, 2020 -- Consumers who do not want to or can’t tap the equity in the home are often at a stalemate for somewhat larger home repairs such as a new heating system, kitchen makeover or a roof repair.

Paul Lefebvre

A new program developed by Bottom Line Results Consulting (BLRC LLC), based in Lincoln, RI, has streamlined the process so that Rhode Island and Massachusetts consumers can obtain the money they need and contractors are no longer missing out on mid-sized to bigger renovation projects.

“I developed this program when I personally experienced the challenge,” notes Paul Lefebvre, MBA, Paul has a accountCEO and Founder at BLRC LLC, Bottom Line Results Consulting and an experienced controller and accountant.  “I needed a new heating system that was estimated at about $4,500. The contractors I talked to offered no financing options. I also didn’t want the hassle of a home equity loan. I was stuck.”

He continued, “But this gave me the idea to work directly with lending institutions and the contractor community to develop a simple finance program for those mid-sized jobs of approximately $1,000 - $40,000.”

Members of the Rhode Island Builders Association, Rhode Island Association of Public Accountants, and Rhode Island Society of CPA’s, Bottom Line Results Consulting has made arrangements with multiple regional banks to simplify the loan process – often with one page, online applications. Consumer can choose from multiple financing institutions for their home improvement project. Contractors are engaged under an agreement with BLRC LLC to participate in this program.

Once the loan process is completed, the consumer receives the loan proceeds, signs the contractor’s estimate/quote, provides the initial deposit to the contractor and the project begins

For more information visit or contact: Paul F. Lefebvre, 401.338-2439,, 4 Lantern Brook Drive, Lincoln, RI 02865.

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