Chris Comet & The Tribe 'Reaching New Horizons' - Independent/USA Import

From out of nowhere this sensational Melodic Rockalbum was delivered at my house address and I am so glad it did, because we have something special here for sure.

Canyon Lake, TX, Feb 26, 2020 -- From out of nowhere this sensational Melodic Rockalbum was delivered at my house address and I am so glad it did, because we have something special here for sure. CHRIS COMET is a producer/composer/arranger/keyboardplayer/drummer who came to the USA 32 years ago, where he landed in Hollywood and started playing and producing in famous studios such as Westlake, A&M, Record Plant, Fantasy, Jackson family private studio and so on… He worked with many well-known session musicians, but eventually moved to Texas where he has his own studios called SOARING EAGLE. Here he recorded a really great record along with a bunch of other musicians and singers called THE TRIBE, consisting of Rudiger, Lead Singer & Backup Vocals, Paul Slade, Lead Singer, Composer, Acoustic Guitar, Kevin Reeves, Backup Vocals, Tony McElveen, Lead Singer and Backup Vocals, Marcello Vieira, Lead Singer and Backup Vocals, Glenn DeLaune, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Backup Vocals, Kamil Rustam, Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar, Claudio Tristano, Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar, Nick Miller, Electric Guitar, Jack Haigh, Acoustic Guitar, Chris West, Brass Section, Blake Mohler, Banjo and Pedal-Steel Guitar and Charles Berthoud, Bass and Fretless Bass.

The result is Reaching new horizons, an album featuring 11 state-of-the-art tunes that should be on the list of any must-have releases of the AOR/Melodic Rockfans out there. If we only just have a look at the first couple of songs it is clear we are dealing here with a sensational and original record that easily beats the FRONTIERS RECORDS releases. The music is prime-time pure Melodic Rock, with a focus on a major production and catchy melodies, while especially the guitarwork and vocals are simply fantastic. Opener Here comes the sun is a lovely well-thought uptempo melodic rocker that sounds like a cross between FAIR WARNING and ZENO. Next track What I'm waiting for is a superb AOR/Melodic Power (Semi) Rockballad in the classic tradition, somehow reminding me of MAGNUM. More classic 80s bombastic big time sounding Melodic Hardrock comes in the shape of Reaching new horizons that sounds like a perfect cross between LUCIFER'S FRIEND (circa their album Sumogrip), HOUSE OF LORDS and a bit of AORIsh ROXUS and ROX DIAMOND.

Thankfully the whole CD continues this Melodic Rocksound, even during the PROCOL HARUM cover A whiter shade of pale, because for example Down the corner is classic 80s Melodic Rock like TOBRUK, 80s BON JOVI, PHANTOM'S OPERA melted together. it doesn't really matter who sings, because each of the 4 singers has a strong and original voice, perfectly suitable for this kind of pure Melodic Rock. Every words we say is yet another classic HOUSE OF LORDS/GIUFFRIA/DAVID GLENN EISLEY/JAMES CHRISTIAN ish Power AOR Ballad and so is Without you that also reminds me of classic ROKO. Pure 80s AOR/Pop/Rock in the style of ERIC MARTIN, BE TAYLOR GROUP, STEVE PERRY, STARSHIP and such can be found during the midtempo You can count on me. There's actually no weak song to be found here, so this could well be one of the 2020 highlights in the Melodic Rock/AOR world!

Overall it also feels a bit like the legendary PHENOMENA snd INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECTS, yet with a very authentic classic Melodic Rocksound in the 80s traditional way, without sounding dated. Do not miss this gem and check it out at:

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