A Brutally Forthright Exposure of World Apathy Towards Corruption and Endless Conflicts

The Mad Dogs of War are on the Loose and out of Control.

London, England, Mar 26, 2020 -- Freelance war correspondent Mike Walker's reporting of the truth is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous in a turbulent world where apathy, corruption, ethnic cleansing, genocide, greed, hatred, human trafficking, racism, selfishness, violence, and endless conflicts prevail; where freedom of expression and a free press are subject to restriction and criminalisation; where gutless self-censorship by corporate journalists is overseen by newsroom editors inhibited by their own cowardice and the vested interests of mainstream media proprietors; where technology's potential to liberate is instead used to condition, control, and condemn people to being subservient subjects rather than critical citizens; where the European Union is disunited and deteriorating, and the American Dream has become a nightmare within a dying democracy under the presidency of a deranged lunatic; where the opponents of truth, freedom, and justice continue to be highly organised, well financed, efficiently deployed, and in complete control of what the general public gets to hear, read, and watch.

When a Private Military and Security Company starts paying Walker close attention, however, and MI5 becomes involved, has Walker gone one report too far?

Will Walker and his girlfriend survive the intrusive surveillance and threats of physical harm?

Find out in this fast-paced, exciting, gripping, page-turner of a political thriller

Media Contact:
William Hanna