Depression Cannot Hit A Moving Target

Behind the Fake Smile - One woman’s journey in using hellfire with holy water.

Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Mar 12, 2020 -- Depression can’t hit a moving target. That was a phrase to live by for Chelsea Hansen. She was full of life and love, and she had big goals. But soon she was to discover that life doesn’t turn out the way she planned.

Behind the Fake Smile is a fictional book based on real-life experiences. It’s the story of how Chelsea navigates a world of abuse, heartache, hurt, depression, disease, and loss. She discovers immense strength at a young age when she realized that no matter how many times she was knocked down, she found the willpower to get back up and smile another day.

It’s a story of how ordinary people perform unknown miracles and give and receive signs that help them tackle their inner demons. It’s about how people’s hearts are touched and how that affects others through time and dimensions.

This book will penetrate your heart and soul as you experience life through Chelsea’s cracked heart as she is guided through a journey of peace, love, and purpose. Ultimately, she learns how to get to the root of suffering and to replant it using hellfire with holy water.

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About Jyl London:
She is an Information Technology nerd that in her spare time likes to meet, greet and interact with fellow quirky humans. Jyl is a recovering people pleaser that just wants to live in the clouds with unicorns, her son, her dog, and her friends.

Jyl is the Author and Writer of Behind the Fake Smile and Behind Tear Stained Eyes. A book series based on her actual real-life events.

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