Malden, Reading, Wakefield, MA Now Served by Crescent Ridge Dairy

Something to moo about.  A new Crescent Ridge Dairy delivery route will now serve Malden, Reading, Wakefield, MA.

Sharon, MA, Mar 04, 2020 -- Something to moo about.  A new Crescent Ridge Dairy delivery route will now serve Malden, Reading, Wakefield, MA.  The expanded fleet of 12 classic milk trucks now delivers not only Crescent Ridge’s award winning milk and ice cream, but a full array of hundreds of grocery items with an emphasis on locally grown, locally raised, locally handmade and locally prepared foods.  From farm to front door.

“We are delighted to bring the very best of local dairy and food to Malden, Reading and Wakefield,” noted Mark Parrish, the third generation to operate the family business.  He added, “The reception to our wholesale, high grade yet affordable food has been rewarding to our entire staff.  We look forward to the continued expansion of our farm to front door products and the communities we serve.”

Crescent Ridge Dairy’s recently swept a variety of World Dairy Expo Championship awards. Crescent Ridge Dairy’s 2% white milk, whole milk, mint cookies & cream ice cream and coconut almond bar ice cream each were recognized as the best in their respected categories.

Ever since Crescent Ridge Dairy began making premium ice cream at their humble Sharon, Massachusetts dairy farm, their menu has been regarded as a scoop above the cups and cones of other creameries. Demand for their summer-time treats led to the opening of their dairy bar that overlooks grazing cattle in 1968. Since then, the popularity of Crescent Ridge Dairy’s ice cream has grown from a cult following of regional connoisseurs and travelers to international recognition from some of the world’s most respected publications.

In 2009, National Geographic Magazine’s The 10 Best of Everything Ultimate Guide for Travelers featured Crescent Ridge as one of the 10 Best Ice Creams in the World. They would receive this same honor again in 2012. That same year, Food & Wine Magazine cited Crescent Ridge Dairy as one of the Best Ice Cream Spots in the U.S. In 2014, Men’s Journal would inform anyone left who wasn’t already aware of Crescent Ridge Dairy’s reputation by featuring them in their 27 Best Ice Cream Shops in America article.

Taste the hype for yourself. Crescent Ridge Dairy’s products are available for home delivery in the Greater Boston area and directly from the dairy bar located on their Sharon, Massachusetts Farm. You can also find them on the shelves of Stop & Shops, Shaw’s / Star Markets, Roche Brothers, Whole Foods and other major retailers throughout New England.

The Crescent Ridge Story
Malby and Mildred Parrish started Crescent Ridge in 1932 when they purchased the 44-acre plot farmland on Sharon’s historic Bay Road and made it suitable to grow crops and raise cows for milk. Back then, Malby was able to make his rounds delivering fresh dairy to the community with just one dependable 1928 Chevrolet truck. In less than 10 years, the operation had achieved enough success to justify the installation of a modern pasteurization and bottling plant. By 1953 Crescent Ridge controlled a fleet of milk trucks that served not only families in Sharon, but the neighboring towns of Canton, Stoughton, Norwood, Walpole and Westwood, Massachusetts as well.

Crescent Ridge opened their first Dairy Bar on their original plot of land in 1968. Its popularity has only grown since then, with the ice cream it serves winning the reputation of the best in New England amongst locals and seasoned travelers alike. Years later, National Geographic would name it one of The 10 Best Ice Creams in the World. This expansion and the loyal following Crescent Ridge had developed helped the brand weather the troubled economic climate of the 1970 and prosper into the 1980’s. By the early 1990’s Crescent Ridge began expanding its menu starting with fresh squeezed orange juice.

Mark Parrish became the third generation to operate the family business in 1998. This same year, he made significant investments into Crescent Ridge’s infrastructure by expanding their warehouse, freezer and lab space and making updates to their milk plant. Mark continues to innovate and grow the Crescent Ridge brand. Their products can now be found on the shelves of major stores like Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, Shaw’s / Star Market, Roche Bros, Big Y, Boston Public Market and others. He has teamed up with other local businesses and diversified his own operation to feature fresh seafood, grass-fed beef, pork, chicken, produce, maple syrup and other artisan products in their catalogue.

For more information about home delivery, retail locations and the onsite dairy bar, please click to or call (781) 784-274.  Visit the cows and staff at 407 Bay Road, Sharon, MA.

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