New England Burials at Sea add Sea Scattering Upgrades to Assist Families with Planning

Measures taken. Social Distancing accounted for. New England Burials at Sea add Sea Scattering Upgrades to Assist Families with Planning.

Marshfield, MA, April 08, 2020 -- Captain Brad White, founder of New England Burials at Sea LLC (NEBAS) headquartered in Marshfield, MA announced that the company has designed a no charge upgrade program for the increased demand of COVID-19 related family scattering requests in 2020.

White shared that during this devastating public health crisis his company is upgrading many 1-6 passenger attended by family events from the standard 30’-50’ vessels to larger 65’ – 110’ vessels at no additional charge, enabling for safe at sea 6’+ social distancing for up to 10 passengers aboard at the same time while following published CDC safety requirements.

Capt. White expects full body sea burials at sea are on hold at this time until after the pandemic subsides but in the meantime is offering this no charge scattering upgrade program so families can get the healing and closure they need without feeling compelled to make immediate or uncertain final plans helping families to cope with the unexpected loss of their loved one.

About NEBAS:
New England Burials at Sea® (NEBAS) is the largest USCG licensed provider for customized ash scatterings at sea serving families from all cultures and creeds, civilian and military, on both coasts of the USA for groups up to 400 people since 2006. Based in Marshfield, MA, the company operates year-round from Maine to Miami and from San Diego to Seattle, departing from over 73 ports with 86 different vessels that are clean and current with the latest safety gear with personalized and affordable services. They are recognized by the EPA, US Navy, U.S.C.G. and over 2,500 funeral homes and crematories across America who have taken advantage of their Sea Burial Certified™ training program. The company also created, designed and manufactures the ocean friendly Atlantic and Pacific Sea Burial Shroud™ for full body burials at sea.

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