Travel Experts Offering Travel Escapism by Using Virtual Tourism Technology

Benjamin Ehinger, a travel expert, explains how the ability to take virtual reality tours can transform the travel industry.

Israel, Apr 27, 2020 -- Virtual reality is being used in the tourism industry for quite some time. For instance, VR is used to share with costumers visual information before booking a hotel room.

But under the new travel bans, virtual tourism predicted to widespread not only for travel planning. Travel expert Benjamin Ehinger says that while some travel agents were already using these travel tools before COVID-19, it’s predicted they will become even more important after things return to normal.

Benjamin Ehinger explains what virtual tourism is and talks about virtual tourism various benefits in a new article at Travel Trend ( In “Virtual Tourism [2020]  Breaking The Boundaries Of Time & Space,” where he shares details on how to use this exciting travel technology. Along with Benjamin Ehinger, you can also find a new article at Travel Trend (, written by the travel expert Bat-El Galor. Galor is providing readers with the top virtual touristic experiences, followed by useful links. In “Top 100 Virtual Tours Around The World [2020].”

Ehinger says that The benefits of virtual reality tourism are two-fold. Both travelers and attractions benefit from using this new travel technology. These benefits include:

Benefits of Virtual Tourism for Travelers: Ehinger says that for travelers, VR technology can help with your trip-planning. Another benefit for travelers that cannot travel is the cost. Instead of paying on plane tickets, attraction tickets, and a hotel stay VR allows you to visit a destination without any travel costs.

Benefits of Virtual Tourism for Businesses: Businesses will be able to use VR technology to stand out. As there are plenty of good deals for travelers to choose from, leading your way in the virtual travel space will help attractions and hotels to get the attention of travelers compared to other businesses.

Travel Without Actually Traveling with VR Tourism: While traveling is not possible these days, you can take virtual tours from the safety of your home.

VR Tourism Offers an Educational Tool: You can use virtual tourism to teach children all about new cultures by letting them immerse themselves with a different culture and experience. See in the full article how to use this innovative way of traveling -

100 hundred virtual tours and unique experiences around the world: Check out the useful 100 links in the full article to take your imaginary trips-

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