Will The Cruise Industry Live to See Brighter Days?

Travel Trend reports an increase in cruise bookings despite pandemic outbreak. 

Berlin, April 20, 2020 -- Travel Trends predicts  2021 to unfold well for the cruise industry, but investors must not loose faith. 

Interestingly, cruise lines are registering a 9% increase in bookings in comparison to 2019. This comes as a surprise after several Covid-19 outbreaks on-board cruises.

The rapid spread of the virus has resulted in numerous travel restrictions. The article analyses the impact of the halt on cruise travel in relation to the sharp drop in share prices and the financial survival of the entire cruise industry.

Despite investors being seemingly unconvinced about the industry’s ability to survive the pandemic, Travel Trend reports promising outlooks as customers seem to be rebooking instead of cancelling their cruises.

Their future depends on their ability to keep up with their obligations to creditors, and the debt-equity ratio: how much a company owes versus how much it owns.  However, the ultimate decisive factor will be the duration of the current travel restrictions.

Large cruise liners such as Carnival Cruise, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian are suffering from losses of investments of at least 70%. Yet, according to the article on Travel Trend, the world’s largest cruise line - Carnival, is in better financial health than Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, despite needing a billion dollars a month to survive.

Author of the article is optimistic as the cruise industry has always bounced back from numerous setbacks in the past.

In addition, and once the restrictions finally lift, the cruise industry might be able to cater for a new audience as millennials hold increasingly more positive attitudes towards cruise holidays.

Read the full article about the prospects of the cruise industry at https://www.trvltrend.com/cruise/post-corona-cruise-industry/

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