LaTribuna Christian Publishing Announces Christian Visitation Through Skype For Care Center Patients

LaTribuna Christian Publishing CEO Chaplain Paul Vescio is quoted saying, “I look forward in being able to visit with the patients online through Skype.

Phoenix, AZ, May 18, 2020 -- LaTribuna Christian Publishing CEO Chaplain Paul Vescio is quoted saying, “I look forward in being able to visit with the patients online through Skype. This is a true blessing to be able to visit the patients where I serve as a Volunteer Community Chaplain. Because of the corona virus outbreak all Clergy, volunteers and all family members who were visiting the patients are now locked out. Being able to visit online will help in lifting up the patient’s day and will be an absolute blessing for all those who participate in this program.”

LaTribuna Christian Publishing supports volunteerism in reaching out in helping others during this very difficult time in our nation’s history. LaTribuna Christian Publishing recognizes the importance of helping others. Now more than ever people everywhere need a helping hand.

Chaplain Paul was also quoted saying, “Being able to see the patients through apps like Skype is very effective in sharing the word of God with others. A video visit is the closest thing to a real in person visit we can get. Patients need four key elements in achieving good health and in maintaining good mental health. People need good physical care, good loving care, good spiritual care and they need to eat a healthy diet with proper exercise. If one or two of these important elements are missing from a patient’s healthcare, then the patient suffers greatly. The Bible teaches us to treat others as we ourselves would want to be treated and to love thy neighbor as thy self. I can think of no better way of putting this important teaching into practice than to reach out to those around us and lend a helping hand.”

The Health and Science Journal. Family has a significant role in hospital treatment of patients since it can provide effective psychological and emotional support to patients undergoing treatment in a hospital. Additionally, the above role of family is not only significant for adults but also for children and pregnant women, who need their husbands during their childbirth. Consequently, the medical and nursing staff needs to maintain a continuous contact with parents and relatives of patients and provide them with the appropriate information concerning the condition of their patient and the progress of the therapeutic program. This can make them capable of providing effective psychological support to their patient.

LaTribuna Christian Publishing is also very pleased to announce the publication of Chaplain Paul’s newest book on Amazon titled, Victory Over Suffering Through Christ Our Lord. The book includes the testimonies of very powerful men and women of God who suffer dearly and who have achieved great victory over suffering through their faith and trust in Christ our Lord.

Chaplain Paul was also quoted saying, “It is very sad that family and Clergy are being denied access to see the patients in most hospital settings. Family provide the loving care we all need, and Chaplains and men and women of faith provide the spiritual care, both are needed in helping to maintain good mental health. Our elected officials need to hear our concerns about these very important healthcare issues. And I pray that families who have been affected by this virus will be comforted and healed and that the corona virus will come to a speedy end, in Christ Yeshua’s Name I pray Amen”

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