LaTribuna Christian Publishing Reports Possible Civil Rights Violations in American Health Care During Corona Virus

LaTribuna Christian Publishing’s CEO Chaplain Paul Vescio is quoted saying, “Most major hospitals across our nation do have paid Chaplains on staff, but sadly most nursing homes, care centers, and medical rehabs do not.

Phoenix AZ, May 11, 2020 -- LaTribuna Christian Publishing’s CEO Chaplain Paul Vescio is quoted saying, “Most major hospitals across our nation do have paid Chaplains on staff, but sadly most nursing homes, care centers, and medical rehabs do not. Right now, patients across America are being denied their basic rights to see a Chaplain, Pastor, Priest or Rabbi etc. Bedside prayer and last rights are being denied by patients who are requesting these services in healthcare providers where Chaplains are not on staff. Even more disturbing is that fact that family members are not being allowed to visit their loved ones who are suffering in a hospital setting. Not even if the patient’s family member is screened and wears a mask and gloves when visiting.”

The Health and Science Journal. Family has a significant role in hospital treatment of patients since it can provide effective psychological and emotional support to patients undergoing treatment in a hospital. Additionally, the above role of family is not only significant for adults but also for children and pregnant women, who need their husbands during their childbirth. Consequently, the medical and nursing staff needs to maintain a continuous contact with parents and relatives of patients and provide them with the appropriate information concerning the condition of their patient and the progress of the therapeutic program. This can make them capable of providing effective psychological support to their patient.

LaTribuna Christian Publishing CEO Chaplain Paul Vescio was also quoted saying, “Patients need physical care, but they need Spiritual and Loving care as well. Loving care comes from family and friends and Spiritual Care comes from Volunteers and Clergy such as Pastors, Chaplains, Priests and Rabbis. If we leave out Spiritual Care and or Loving care the patient’s mental health, safety, and wellbeing suffer greatly. When these two critical elements are missing in a patient’s healthcare, it can open the door for satan to enter in through and plant the seeds of worry, doubt, fear, depression, anxiety, despair, anger issues and thoughts of suicide.

All too often in the absence of the love of family and the support of Clergy such as a Chaplain, the patent is medicated with physic meds, and other antidepressants to treat these symptoms. Patients need a strong family healthcare advocate when entering American healthcare. Family members are the eyes, hands, ears, and feet the help to provide safety and better quality of care for their loved ones who are in a hospital setting. Family provides the loving care that staff most of the time cannot provide. Family members keep hospital staff on their toes and family members are there to hold staff accountable and to make sure serious mistakes are prevented. With over 400000 lost lives per year because of totally preventable medical mistakes in American Hospitals alone, having a strong family presence when having to deal with American healthcare becomes a matter of life and death. What we need when in a hospital setting is excellent medical care, the love of family and friends and the support of strong men and women of God such as Chaplains, Priests, Pastors or Rabbis.”

Chaplain Paul was also quoted saying, “The word of God teaches us to treat others as we ourselves would want to be treated and to love thy neighbor as thy self. We are to be Christ in skin in reaching out in helping those who are suffering. Please contact your elected officials and express your outrage and concerns about these very important healthcare issues that are now facing our nation. During these very difficult times in our nation’s history the real question becomes, How would you feel if your wife, or husband, or adult child, or someone you love were suddenly injured or became ill and were rushed to the hospital only for you and your family to be told, “Sorry you and your family will have to wait outside.”  I ask you America how would you feel?”

LaTribuna Christian Publishing’s staff reached out to Phoenix Children’s Hospital and two other local hospitals to find out what their policies were concerning visitation where family members and Clergy are concerned, and we were both relieved and shocked with our findings. Phoenix Children’s Hospital will allow one healthy screened parent or guardian to sit bedside with a minor. Most hospitals will allow a parent or a guardian to visit a minor. Most hospitals will not let any family members in to visit an adult patient.

Chaplain Paul was also quoted saying “Most healthcare providers across our nation will not allow Clearly in, not even to provide bedside prayer or to administer last rights which is clearly a violation or our civil rights.  Again, please contact your elected officials this is not right, and they need to hear it from all of us. God Bless You all.”

LaTribuna Christian Publishing supports the preservation of America’s rights and freedoms and we at LaTribuna Christion Publishing are praying for all those who have been affected by the corona virus.

Chaplain Paul was also quoted saying, “Lord, may this terrible virus that’s affecting the entire world soon come to pass, Please bless, watch over and help heal all the families and their loved ones who are suffering because of this terrible virus, and we humbly ask this prayer in Christ Yeshua’s Holy Name, Amen.”

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LaTribuna Christian Publishing
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