Mining the Golden Age of Podcasting. PR Works, Based in Plymouth, Massachusetts Announces Podcasting Services

Experts and listeners agree, we are in the Golden Age of Podcasting. More than half of American homes tune into a podcast regularly.

Plymouth, MA, May 16, 2020 -- Experts and listeners agree, we are in the Golden Age of Podcasting. More than half of American homes tune into a podcast regularly. Why not YOURS?

Given this high audible trend, PR Works, based in America’s hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts, has launched a podcast service. The service ranges from establishing a Podcast strategy to recording and editing the show to promoting it.

“Podcasting allows you to control the message, control the medium and tap into new clients, strategic partners and referral sources,” notes PR Works Founder Steven V. Dubin, a Plymouth, Massachusetts resident.

He added, “Podcasting is another story-telling channel and the one-to-one audience it creates is powerful. Where most get stalled is in having a clear niche topic and managing all the details of technology, arranging guests, editing the raw footage, uploading each segment to YouTube and the many podcast portals and then promoting the podcast to expand the audience. We help boil that down and get it done.”

Here are some of the considerations to podcasting. 

First, the “Why”?  
Are you doing this to position yourself as “the” expert? Book prospects as guests and build those relationships? Generate solid content for social media? Enhance SEO? Provide useful information to your core audience?

Your answer to ALL of the above should YES!

Second, the theme?
What is your unique programming theme? Do you expand upon family business, start-up business, mid-market business? Are you focusing on a niche? Young families? Senior living? Middle-age madness? Choose a theme and build upon it.

Third, the Title?
The title of your podcast should give a hint about the content and entice us in. No surprise about what “Planet Money” is about. “Football Weekly” tells it all. You could get clever, but you don’t want to be obscure and leave us guessing.

Fourth, Scheduling?
Most new podcasters can’t keep up a pace of more than once a month. That being said, it is worthwhile to record the first three segments all at once. In our binge watching/listening world, give your audience a good dose of what you do.

It is best to develop a schedule and editorial outline of segments for each business quarter.

Fifth, Guests?
Let’s face it, unless you are stand-up comedian or experienced performer, you probably can enhance broadcasts with a guest or two. Guests add insight, variety and color.

The challenge is to book them, prepare them, obtain background materials, etc. That is a critical part of the process.

Six, the Technology?
How will you record? How will you upload to key podcast portals (Spotify, Itunes, etc.).How will you promote each episode? PR Works has reviewed a wide range of platforms and came up with an inexpensive and thorough solution that includes developing a vlodcast (video of the podcast) and the audio podcast at the same time.  Thus, you are bolstering a YouTube channel and reaching out via key podcast portals.

Seventh, the Promotion?
Now you’ve gone to all the trouble of creating a podcast, how do you get it out there?

Social media posts, e-newsletter, news release and blog posts help move it along.  These messages should ALSO be prepared and customized for your guests to share with their audiences.

Ready to go “live”?  5-4-3-2-1.  For additional information about podcasting, contact PR Works at, (781) 582-1061, 18 Main Street Extension, Suite 409, Plymouth, MA.

Media Contact:
Steven V. Dubin, PR Works