‘Creative for a Cause’ Aims to Cultivate World Change through Story-based Video

Viamark Video  announced the launch of Creative for a Cause, a new nonprofit-focused division that provides story-based video initiatives.

Boston, MA, Jun 17, 2020 -- Today, Viamark Video, a video production and video marketing company located south of Boston in Marshfield MA, announced the launch of Creative for a Cause, a new nonprofit-focused division that provides story-based video initiatives. The mission is to drive change through compelling story-sharing for the healthcare, nonprofit, cause-related, and NGO industries that make a difference in their respective communities.

Glenn Anderson
Creative for a Cause
founder Glenn Anderson says video combined with story-based advocacy has been an effective way for his clients to help their communities in the immediate sense while inspiring others to follow suit. “Our goal is to create both motivation and ongoing momentum through unique storytelling for our clients,” says Anderson. “We’ve been helping clients with their creative content and advertising for almost 20 years but are now hyper-focused on our true passion. We’re going all-in on healthcare, nonprofit and cause-related marketing.”

“Creative for A Cause is more than a catchphrase”, says Anderson. A longtime professional in the video production and video marketing industry, Anderson explained that wanting to help the community through cause-related storytelling is a passion rooted in a core belief that all of us have some unique way to help make the world a better place starting in our communities. “We want to inspire and motivate millions of people, and I believe it can be done by using story-based video content with a strong video distribution strategy.”

Some of the company’s recent causes include The Guild for Human Services, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Sports Medicine, Bradford Health Services and Shields Healthcare. In April, Bradford Health (a drug and alcohol recovery center) posted a new “Welcome” video to their website and social media. That one video generated over 180 phone calls and 40 patients in just one month. “Those were all people in need of immediate help…and we can do so much more,” Anderson said. “This is just a drop in the proverbial bucket.”

About Creative for a Cause:
Creative for a Cause is an initiative of Viamark Video that cultivates collaborations and partnerships with healthcare practices, nonprofits, and cause-marketers in an effort to build effective video campaigns that accomplish life-changing and world-changing goals.

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