Amazon Bestseller Book No. 1 In Ethic Demographic Studies "Our Stories: Our Voices Black Men Speak" Their Truth Featured on AM Metro NY Cover

The AM Metro New cover issue dated June 17, 2020 features story “Taking a Knee” and photo of Amazon Bestselling Author Kevin Byrd and photo of book cover of groundbreaking book Our Stories: Our Voices Black Men Speak Their Truth.

New York, NY, Jul 08, 2020 -- Amazon Bestseller Book No. 1 In Ethic Demographic Studies Our Stories: Our Voices Black Men Speak Their Truth Featured On AM Metro NY Cover.  The AM Metro New cover issue dated June 17, 2020 features story “Taking a Knee” and photo of Amazon Bestselling Author Kevin Byrd and photo of book cover of groundbreaking book Our Stories: Our Voices Black Men Speak Their Truth.

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Our Stories Our Voices: Black Men Speak Their Truth – People often say that black men do not talk. However, that is not the case with this book anthology. The thirteen co-authors in Our Stories, Our Voices: Black Men Speak Their Truth open up and share their trials and tribulations in this journey called life. They share stories of love, pain, weakness and strength and how each of their unique journeys helped to mold them into the men they are today. Their willingness to open up and share their hearts and in some cases writing words that have never been spoken to others is not only commendable, but will inspire deeper conversations within our communities.

Co-Author – Kevin Byrd is an internationally acclaimed actor, songwriter, performing artist, playwright, producer and motivational speaker.

Kevin has appeared in a number of films alongside noteworthy talents, such as Samuel Jackson and Bernie Mack. He appeared in Al Roker’s production Honor Deferred, on Law and Order, in Brooklyn Boys, and was featured in The Last Dayz, as well as in the Bollywood film When Kiran Meets Karen.

Much to his credit, Kevin has graced the covers of numerous publications including, but not limited to, AM Newspaper, King Magazine, The Epoch International Times, Vibe Magazine, Essence, Hush, Urban Buzz, Parlé, The Hempstead Times, Blackstar News, and Caribbean Life, as well as BET, to name a few.

In his role as President/CEO of the Brown Byrd Foundation, which specializes in cancer outreach and awareness, Kevin Byrd has gained international recognition from world leaders in the form of over 100 proclamations and honors for his prostate cancer initiative. These honors were offered by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, President Barack Obama, President George Bush, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, along with some 100 US Government officials, including New York Governor David A. Patterson and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Kevin Byrd’s upstate hometown of Utica, NY, has designated October 1st as Kevin Byrd Day.

Co-Author Phil Andrews – Phil Andrews is the current president of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (LIAACC) – He is also the president-emeritus of the Black Public Relations Society-New York. He is also a two-term past president of the 100 Black Men of Long Island. He is a member of the United Black Men of Queens, Inc. and sits on the President’s Council of the Big Brothers and Sisters of Long Island.

Phil’s work has been featured in multi-platform publications, including Black Star News, The New York Beacon, Amsterdam News, Minority Business Review, New York Trend Newspaper, Southeast Queens, Scoop, The Village Press Online, Cision “Behind the Headlines, The Network Journal, and more. He has also appeared on WABC Here and Now and NBC’s Positively Black. He is also featured in the book 15 Years of Minority Business Development. He is the recipient of the 2019 Small Business Champion award from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s NY District Office. Throughout his career, he has received a host of citations from several notable political officials and has served on several boards. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, and attended Brooklyn Technical High School. He served for several years in the US Navy and Army Reserves, and he attended York College and John Jay College. He graduated from paralegal school and had a nearly twenty-year career in law enforcement. Phil Andrews’s goals involve encouraging as many promising young men as possible by compelling them to serve with the very best of their minds and talents

Our Stories: Black Men Speak Their Truth – Full list of authors – WHEN THE ODDS ARE STACKED AGAINST YOU – TRUST GOD! by Kevin Byrd, TALK ABOUT IT! by Michael James, WAKE UP! by Bernard McArthur, BETTER DAYS AHEAD by Malcolm Boyd, SUCCESS PRINCIPLES by Jason Murray, THE MAN BEHIND THE THREE-PIECE SUIT by Richard A. Celestin, Esq., AN ODE TO AUNT PERZELLA by Dr. Terry Grant, ABUNDANT LIFE AFTER A HEART ATTACK by Rev. Dr. Phil Craig, STAGE 5 by Milton Shelton Jr., THE MAKING OF A CHAMPION by Phil Andrews, DIVINE CONNECTION by Lee Scott Coleman, MY RECIPES FOR LIFE by Shawn D. Farnum, MY LIFE’S JOURNEY TO TRUTH by Dr. Samuel Gilmore

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