ChainUP Offers Credit Card Services in over 146 Countries and Regions

ChainUP is pleased to announce that it now offers fiat-to-crypto credit card services in more than 146 countries and regions.

Singapore, July 15, 2020 -- Leading blockchain technology service provider ChainUP is pleased to announce that it now offers fiat-to-crypto credit card services in more than 146 countries and regions.

The new payment gateway supports more than 40 of the top cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH etc. and integrates more than 300 different payment methods such as Visa, Master Card, Apple Pay and many others.

After verifying their identities through KYC/AML procedures, users can then use USD, EUR, GBP and other fiat currencies to conduct transactions. Boasting one-key activation in 5 minutes, successful payments can see crypto funds arrive within 2-10 minutes. Using state-of-the-art technologies, the system fights fraud by blocking fraudulent transactions before they can be completed.

ChainUP has been implementing globalization and localization of the ChainUP Group LTD. As of now, ChainUP has expanded markets in many countries and regions around the world, established in-depth relationships, and reached strategic cooperation with more than 100 high-quality super-node partners. The newly implemented credit card payment gateway will further promote the localized application of ChainUP’s blockchain technology services in overseas markets.

About ChainUP:
ChainUP is a leading blockchain technology solution provider in the world. It owns eight well-developed product lines: digital currency trading (financial derivatives), wallet, situational awareness, public chain and consortium blockchain, mining pool, blockchain cloud media, liquidity, broker, and has constructed an industrial closed-loop from technology service to traffic and traffic commercialization. So far, it has served 300+ exchange clients, 100+ digital wallet clients, 150+ liquidity service clients, which include 50+ million users in over 20 countries from Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. The team members behind ChainUP have worked in top blockchain or internet companies and institutions in technological development and operation management, and are highly experienced in the blockchain industry. It has obtained several rounds of investments from well-known top institutions in the  industry, such as Morningside Venture Capital, Joy Capital, Node Capital, Albatross Venture, Taoshi capital, amongst others.

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