New Motivational Book Shares Creative and Innovation Approaches: A WORLD OF CREATIVITY

A WORLD OF CREATIVITY features co-authors Mark Stinson and G. Mark Phillips, with foreword by Gerald Haman and afterword by Evans Baiya - Debuted at #71 in Creativity first week on Amazon - Learn how successful people get inspired.

Boise, Idaho, July 23, 2020 -- Mark Stinson, a creative marketing veteran and brand Innovator, has launched a new book, A WORLD OF CREATIVITY.

Stinson shares a series of interviews with successful people around the globe on how they apply creativity in their business and personal lives. Stinson and other contributors speak about their global experiences and case studies from all over the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia.

During its debut week on Amazon, A WORLD OF CREATIVITY ranked #71 in Creativity and was a leading new release in Motivational Management & Leadership.

Stinson was supported by co-author G. Mark Phillips, host of Enhancing the Human Experience. The foreword is written by Gerald Haman and afterword by Evans Baiya. Other topics and contributors include:

- Recreating Yourself - Sherri Talley, former news anchor turned photographer and artist
- Outcome-Focused Creativity - John Beggs and Danilo Fratangelo, two creative directors on how to use "the brief"
- Balancing Creative and Analytical Thinking - Marty Johnson, a prominent attorney on using both sides of the brain
- Business Success Through Applied Creativity - Bob Baurys and Cristián Saracco, two serial entrepreneurs on their methods and approaches
- Value-Based Creativity - Sophia Lara-Grine and Mridhu Verma, compare experiences in corporate and personal responsibility
- Solving Business Problems Through Creativity - Kevin Fox, creative strategist and local arts culture advocate
- Creative Leadership with Empathy - Paolo Mercado, packaged goods marketer on listening to the consumer
- Experiencing the World - Jen Ruiz, global traveler, writer, and blogger on cultural inspiration
- Heartful Approach to the Creative Process - Joshua Pollock, author of The Heartfulness Way, on a global meditation practice applied to creativity.

Net proceeds are donated to a local food bank.

Book Information:
Author: Mark Stinson
Publisher: BSB, LLC
ISBN-13: 979-8630092557
Pages: 213
Published: June 2020
Available on Amazon: Paperback $8.98; Kindle $3.88

About Mark Stinson:
Mark Stinson has earned the reputation as a "brand innovator" -- an experienced marketer, persuasive writer, dynamic presenter, and skilled facilitator. His work has included branding, advertising, and marketing strategy for health, science, and technology products. He is a recipient of the Brand Leadership Award from the Asia Brand Congress for global marketing efforts. He was included in the PharmaVoice 100 Most Inspiring People in the Life-Sciences Industry.

Media Contact:
Mark Stinson
Bioscience Bridge, LLC