The First Skin Conscious Sanitising Serum

The premium hand sanitiser with oils to neutralize the drying effect of alcohol with natural scents, leaving hands protected, hydrated and refreshed. Made in Bath Spa, England using only sustainable, ethical production and natural ingredients. A sanitising ‘tonic’ with care for skin – skn+tnc.

London, England, Aug 18, 2020 -- Emily Grice saw the drying effect sanitisers were having on her 2 year old son at nursery 10 years ago and used vitamin e to soothe and repair the open cracks that developed after repeated use.

COVID then hit the world in Spring 2020 and Emily went back to the kitchen table and mixed a batch of sanitiser with oil, essential oils and natural perfumes. The long term effects of the common sanitisers were doing the same damage Emily had seen on her sons hands so skn+tnc was conceived.

Skn+tnc is produced in Bath Spa, England with only natural and ethical vegan ingredients and cruelty free practices. Sustainability has been the core focus using a refillable glass bottle. The product will be launched in 300ml glass with refills to follow. Travel sized bottles will also be available in 75ml.

The skn+tnc formula includes 65% alcohol, that actually is the sufficient measure for everyday virus protection. The inclusion of oil is intended to neutralize the alcoholic effects on the skins moisture and will not leave hands sticky. Skn+tnc is also scented gently with a naturally derived perfume to counteract the sterile smell leaving the user with fresh smelling skin, making for a much more positive experience.

Sanitising your hands need not be something we do begrudgingly. Users will want to sanitise, which is expected to create a step change in the use and experience of "staying safe."

Skn+tnc is set to be launched in October/November 2020 for distribution online at, with Amazon, and through social channels. Skn+tnc will also be available at premium retailers across the UK and then in the US in early 2021.

- Skn+tnc has an estimated RRP of £28.50 for 300ml.
- Currently it comes in one oil and fragrance variant with more to follow in early 2021.
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Retailers interested should contact our offices for further information, pre-ordering and samples - available in early October 2020.

- Visit and contact us on Instagram @sknandtnc
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Media Contact:
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