Ripe Now, a Strategic Private Lending FinTech Company, to Virtually Pitch to Investors at GGTM

Seeks $20 million from private investors for innovative “Uberized” approach to loans.

Denver, CO, Sep 14, 2020 -- Ripe Now, a strategic private lending FinTech company that uses a mobile technology and “Uberized” business model, is scheduled to virtually pitch to investors at the next Girl Get That Money Pitch (GGTM) Interview Series on September 17, 2020. The company is seeking $20 million in equity capital to expand its operations. Ripe Now originated from a partnership between Ripe Funding and Fin Sol Group and have deployed $250 million into the marketplace to date.

“Our success so far has been based on our technological innovations, coupled with the reality that the traditional banking system has failed in its most essential mission, which is lending,” said Philippa Burgess, CMO & COO of Ripe Now. “The reality is that lending simply has not caught up to technology. In the last decade, so many once complex transactions have been reduced to a push button interface, a phenomenon known as ‘Uberification.’ We’re taking this concept to the business of lending.”

The private lending category is growing rapidly, with many players offering consumers and small businesses the opportunity to borrow money outside of traditional banking channels. What sets Ripe Now apart from the pack is its technology platform, which enables it to enroll independent lending agents across the country. This shared economy model empowers the agent to generate income from private lending.

The pitch will take place on a program offered by Girl Get That Money (GGTM), an online talk show series that matches investors with entrepreneurs. Khadijah Adams, the moderator of the show, is a longtime business empowerment coach, entrepreneur, and accredited investor who frequently mentors early stage businesses.

The show takes place at 11AM PDT on Thursday, September 17, 2020. To register, click here:

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