Smart Advertising Token SaTT Reveals ProBit as Next Exchange Listing

Against the predominantly dim and drab ICO backdrop, smart advertising token SaTT ICO has continued to defy expectations.

Singapore, September 23, 2020 -- Against the predominantly dim and drab ICO backdrop, smart advertising token SaTT ICO has continued to defy expectations. Alongside its remarkable ICO fundraising, the project is proud to announce yet another exchange listing, this time with the popular global digital asset trading platform ProBit.

“We are excited for SaTT to be traded on ProBit Exchange,” declares Ronald Chan, ProBit Exchange CEO. “SaTT will be available for trading against USDT and we look forward to SaTT’s solutions making an impact on the advertising world globally.

Hitting its soft cap of USD 3,360,000 under a week, the amount raised on the SaTT ICO has been substantially and steadily increasing. With less than 24 hours left, the amount raised by the smart advertising marketplace platform currently stands at USD 5.7 million.

The past two years has seen the SaTT team hard at work, delivering a working product as opposed to countless hyped-up ICO projects with hollow claims of solutions and products that never materialized. Since Q3 2020, the blockchain-based SaTT  advertising platform has been up and running, delivering smart campaigns for advertisers and influencers/publishers.

“SaTT is excited to be able to expand our user base to more markets such as Korea, where Probit Exchange garners a Top 10 ranking,” says Gauthier Bros, SaTT CEO. “Furthermore, SaTT has a massive French following and Probit is one of the few exchanges that caters to the French community, certainly an excellent fit in terms of listing partnerships.”

Launched in 2018, the ProBit platform currently provides 400 tokens for trading in 700 markets with 800,000 monthly active users. ProBit’s 50 million combined monthly visitors on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko is a testament to why the exchange features among the most popular global digital trading platforms in terms of real website traffic and volume.

The details for the SATT token listing on ProBit Exchange are as follows:

Deposit: 18:00 (UTC+8), September 24, 2020
Trading: 18:00 (UTC+8), September 25, 2020
Withdrawal: 18:00 (UTC+8), September 28, 2020
Trading Pair: SATT/USDT

With more trading promos and other details on the way, the community should stay tuned to SaTT’s official social channels for the latest announcements of the SATT token listing on ProBit.

About SaTT:
SaTT, which stands for Smart Advertising Transaction Token, is a utility token that enables advertisers to buy smart advertising services on its ethereum-based dApp. All transactions between advertisers and influencers/publishers are governed by the SaTT smart contract which ensures speed, transparency and security, and is cost-efficient.

The SaTT dApp helps to quantify ROI by using blockchain oracles to retrieve data from 3rd-party API of social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Actions performed, such as LIKES, SHARES, VIEWS, TWEETS etc. can then be evaluated and if all criteria is successfully met, payments are triggered automatically from the advertiser’s preloaded budget to the wallet of the influencer/publisher. Fast, tamper-proof, secure and cost-efficient, the SaTT smart advertising system is a perfect use case of the ethereum smart contract.

About ProBit Exchange:
ProBit is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange launched in November 2018. Built with features guaranteed to provide traders with the ultimate trading experience, ProBit delivers a world-class trading engine, strong presence in major financial markets and enhanced superior security.

SaTT Officials:

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