Despite Losing Vision in One Eye, Argyro Graphy Teaches Children to Never Give Up in Her New Book

Having Gone Through A String Of Personal Tragedies, including losing sight in one eye overnight Award-winning Childrens' Book Author Argyro Graphy Has A Passionate And Emotional Message For Children To Never Give Up No Matter What. Help 

Mississauga, ON, October 29, 2020 -- Popular childrens' book author Argyro Graphy has launched a new book through with hopes of donating copies to hospitals, charities and so on.

Her Bentley The Hippo series is coming out with a new addition The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children To Never Give Up. The main character Bentley the Hippo visits a girl (Julia) in the hospital, who wants to quit from everything. Bentley, along with his friends try to encourage her to not give up, to not give in. 

This important lesson from Argyro comes from a long history of tragedies - having faced childhood bullying, harassment and discrimination that had bogged her down. A routine eye injection that took away her eyesight of the left eye and the passing of her best friend, her father and a gravely injurious highway accident. But she did not quit; she continues to write, she continues to inspire. 

Argyro has a goal of making her adorable hippo character Bentley well known around the globe. To bring comfort to those struggling and to inspire those that feel alone. A lot of children can benefit from this brilliant initiative that would encourage children to never ever quit no matter what happens. 

"It has taken me years to get here. I was bogged down by multiple tragedies one after another, barely giving me a chance to breathe, settle or grieve. I felt a victim over and over. I often thought of myself as one of those unfortunate people who’s purpose was to suffer. But some of the life lessons I learned during those hard times helped me to survive, pick myself up and made me stronger than ever. It wasn't easy, and it still isn’t. At no point in my entire journey was it a cakewalk. This particular book is very dear to me in that Julia was the best friend I had, and lost, and she was the one that inspired ME to never give up.

These are the same lessons that I want to share with children. I am quite certain that the lessons in my books will help children to become more confident, love themselves and grow up to be more positive in their spirits. In a world so divided, I want Bentley to be the comfort for children that I never had, the role model to look up to and deliver the messages that will have an impact on the lives of children around the globe. Argyro Graphy. 

Inspiring Children to Never Give Up is a heartwarming story for readers of all ages:

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