Flight Dental Systems Introduces MK Dent Handpieces

Flight Dental Systems is pleased to announce its newest partnership with MK Dent located in Bargteheide, Germany. 

Brampton, ON, Oct 27, 2020 -- Flight Dental Systems is pleased to announce its newest partnership with MK Dent located in Bargteheide, Germany. This partnership has allowed us to create a Co-Branded Product line featuring MK Dent Germany’s precision engineering and manufacturing together with Flight Dental Systems established network of distributors and resellers in Canada.

As per Flight Dental Systems President, “I’m excited to be adding MK Dent to the Flight Portfolio. MK Dent is a great company with precision, reliable and affordable products that complement our company’s philosophy and motto very well.”

Flight Dental Systems is proud to introduce the FLIGHT/MK DENT ECO, BASIC, and CLASSIC Line Handpieces. The handpieces are built for reliability and durability and provides better performance than some of the major brands in the industry.

Fabian Kleene, Vice President Sales & Marketing - MK-dent GmbH, commented “We are happy to welcome Flight Dental Systems to our family of worldwide distribution partners. We believe that the combination of MK-dent product and Flight Dental long-term relationships in the dental industry, will lead to a strong and successful partnership.”

MK Dent Handpieces

HB23K - MK Dent Basic Line Highspeed No Light (Kavo Backend, Mini Head Ø 11.0 mm x H 13.3 mm, Single Spray)

HB23KL - MK Dent Basic Line Highspeed with Light (Kavo Backend, Mini Head Ø 11.0 mm x H 13.3 mm, Single Spray)

HE22KL - MK Dent ECO Line Highspeed with Light (Kavo Backend, Mini Head Ø 10.8 mm x H 12.5 mm, Triple Spray)

AM004 - MK Dent Air Motor without water supply 4 Hole Connection Max. 20,000rpm

QC6016K - MK Dent 6 Hole Quick connector Kavo With LED Light

QC4014K - MK Dent Quick Connector- Kavo without Light

LE11 - MK Dent ECO Line Contra Angle - 1:1 (CA-burs (Ø 2.35 mm), ISO coupling type)

LCH11 - Classic Line -P/B Latch Head - 1:1 Transmission (CA-burs (Ø 2.35 mm)

About Flight Dental Systems:
Flight Dental Systems, Inc., headquartered in Ontario, Canada is a dental equipment manufacturer and distributor of dental products with operations in over 25 countries around the world. The company was established in 2005 based on their commitment to deliver high quality products that offer the design, function and durability demanded by present day dental professionals at an affordable price. With the principle that operatory units are the foundation of the dental practice, Flight Dental Systems continues to evolve their designs and manufacturing to formalize a complete dental operatory unit to suit the needs of every dental practitioner. In addition, Flight is not only a dental equipment manufacturer; but also a family of co-workers who are devoted to the improvement of oral health. Learn more at https://www.flightdentalsystems.com/

About MK Dent:
MK Dent is a privately owned independent company founded in 1995 and constitutes a pioneer in German manufacturing and engineering of dental equipment. They have developed numerous dental solutions which have been distributed worldwide. More specifically the MK Dent dental hand pieces have been well recognized for producing quality products that are powerful in nature yet quiet on the ear. These hand pieces come in both low and high speed options coupled with an affordable price and an excellent warranty coverage making MK Dent hand pieces a prominent player in the industry. Learn more: https://www.mk-dent.com/

Please contact your local authorized Flight Dental System’s dealer for more information on how to purchase. Further detail can also be accessed by calling 1-866-799-0517

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