FREE ADHD Test App for K-12 Schools from BrainTrain

Over a million US students with ADHD never get the help they need.

Richmond, VA, Oct 8, 2020 -- During October which is ADHD Awareness Month, BrainTrain will provide to all K-12 school professionals our ADHD screening test, the IVA-QS, for FREE. School psychologists, principals, counselors and special educators simply have to request BrainTrain’s Premium version of the IVA-QS before Oct. 31st. This ADHD screening test takes only 10 minutes to administer and provides detailed reports and analyses for school professionals to review.  An unlimited number of students can be screened for free during the three month license provided. The test can be administered remotely in the home setting or in school using either a Windows PC, iPad or web browser. The IVA-QS requires that it be interpreted and administered under the supervision of a qualified school professional. The IVA-QS test administration, scoring and comprehensive report system is fully computerized which makes it easy to learn and use. Free trials are available for evaluation without any commitment required and there is nothing to return.

BrainTrain is making it possible for schools during ADHD Awareness Month to help them identify the over one million students with attention deficits who never received the help that they need to succeed. The research has clearly demonstrated that once individuals with ADHD are provided appropriate interventions and treatment that they can then “turn their lives around.” This test also includes free ADHD rating scales that are integrated into its reports. The clinical diagnosis of ADHD requires that a comprehensive evaluation be completed by a qualified health care professional. The IVA-QS and its ADHD rating scales simply serve as a screening instrument that can be helpful as a first step in identifying potential visual and auditory attention and cognitive impairments which would then need to be further evaluated.

Parents who are concerned about the challenges their children face in school are encouraged to contact their school teachers and administrators and inform them of this opportunity to screen students for ADHD symptoms. Education professionals can then provide helpful interventions. Research has clearly shown that treatment, academic accommodations and appropriate medical interventions can make a major impact in improving the lives of children who struggle to pay attention.

For more information about BrainTrain’s IVA-QS software, parents and educators can visit the BrainTrain website at, email, or call BrainTrain directly at 800-822-0538 and speak with our friendly staff.

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BrainTrain, Inc. has been creating neuropsychological testing and training software since 1989, when neuropsychologist, Dr. Joseph A. Sandford, author and developer of numerous programs, first released the Captain’s Log: Cognitive Training Program. This original software helped form the foundation for many products to come, assisting people in developing their mental acuity and helping professionals improve the quality of their client’s lives.

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