Web-App for Infrastructure Professionals and Students Launching Today

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Jacksonville, FL, Nov 18, 2020 -- REINS© announced the launch today of its innovative Question-and-Answer web app for the Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction and Planning (AECP) disciplines. The app provides a platform for AECP professionals to ask questions of each other and college students to receive advice, support and insight from industry experts. 

REINS founder and CEO, Ameera Sayeed, AICP, says her over 20 years experience in the infrastructure industry showed her that lack of communication between experts of different industries led to higher costs and inefficiencies.

“Each discipline works in its silo, and doesn’t communicate with the other. If an architect has an engineering question, or a construction manager has a transportation question, they don’t have anyone to turn to. REINS is designed for them to be able to ask qualified experts any questions they may have, anonymously and with full confidence in the credibility of the source,” says Sayeed.

The REINS App is designed to allow students and practitioners in the infrastructure fields to ask questions of experts in their own industry, furthering their career and skills-based knowledge.

REINS© offers the app for free and without subscription. Full details the web app can be found at https://reinsapp.com/#/

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