Limited-Edition Bronze Sculptures by Salvador Dali are Available for Purchase Through The Mahlstedt Gallery in New York

The Mahlstedt Gallery is partnering with Galerie Alexander E. Räber in Zurich, Switzerland to sell the Dali sculptures, each one numbered, throughout all of North America.

New Rochelle, NY, USA, December 3, 2020 -- The Mahlstedt Gallery, a leading brick and mortar and online fine art gallery in suburban Westchester County, New York, has entered into a collaboration with the famous Swiss art gallery Galerie Alexander E. Räber in Zurich, one that allows the Mahlstedt Gallery to represent a rare and extensive collection of limited-edition, bronze sculptures that are numbered by the renowned Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí (1904-1989). The Mahlstedt Gallery will fill orders for the sculptures from buyers across all of North America.

“It is our privilege to provide Dalí’s works to collectors, interior designers and art enthusiasts throughout North America,” said Oshi Rabin, founder and owner of the Mahlstedt Gallery and herself an artist. “Buyers can be certain that each work is one of a limited number created by one of history’s preeminent artists. These sculptures are limited editions; just 350 of each exist.”

A few of Salvador Dalí’s iconic sculptures available through the Mahlstedt Gallery include the following:

- Profile of Time, featuring Dalí’s iconic melting clock motif first seen in his famous painting The Persistence of Memory. The sculpture presents a watch whose face is highlighted with green patina and is liquefying from its perch on top of a tree branch.

- Adam and Eve, a work in which Dalí captures the moment Adam is deciding whether to take the apple from Eve. Between the two figures, the serpent expectantly looks to Adam while coiled in the shape of a heart. Dalí explores religion in many of his works.

- Two bronzes each boast a vibrant blue patina. The flamenco dancer depicted in Dalinian Dancer is surrounded by the swirling fabric of her blue dress. In Triumphant Angel, an angel throws its head back and trumpets its horn towards the sky.

In addition to the Dalí works, the Mahlstedt Gallery will also represent other renowned artists through the collaboration with Galerie Alexander E. Räber. They include Paul Wunderlich (German, 1927-2010), who was influenced heavily by Dalí’s work, and Bruno Bruni (Italian, b. 1935), whose work is influenced by Paul Wunderlich. Both artists have carved out successful careers of their own.

“Both of these talented and accomplished artists are largely unknown in North America,” Ms. Rabin said of Wunderlich and Bruni. “We are excited to introduce these masters of the Old World to emerging collectors of the New World. They provide a fine complement to the Dalís.”

Wunderlich’s sculptures were heavily influenced by Dalí’s work, as seen in A Game of Chess. The bronze chess set created by him features chess pieces in surreal human forms that are patinated black and gold. A tall chess table is made of walnut and myrtle. Optional to purchase are two leather chairs. The work was previously sold by the esteemed auction house Sotheby’s.

Bruno Bruni’s work often focuses on the nude female figure, as can be seen in his three bronze sculptures at the Mahlstedt Gallery. La Sorella, which translates to “the sister,” shows a woman seated on a diabase stone pedestal, hugging her legs with her head between her knees.

Zeus the Conqueror depicts a woman lying supine on the back of a bull. The scene calls to mind the Greek myth in which the god Zeus seduces Europa in the form of a bull. Venere Assoluta shows a woman standing on a diabase stone base, removing clothes from over her head.

Another artist represented by the Mahlstedt Gallery is the Italian-Swiss artist and athlete Alfredo Battistini (1953-2008). His sculpture titled Mondo Elefanti depicts a herd of elephants facing outward while forming a tight circle. The elephants stand inside of the top and bottom half of a solid sphere.

Buyers can visit the Mahlstedt Gallery at 415 Huguenot Street - New Rochelle, New York 10801 by appointment only. Their entire gallery can be viewed online and purchases can be made at For more information, call 914-246-0526 or e-mail

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