The Release of a New Book on Amazon Takes Place: A Day in The Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston

For the children the newly released book A Day in the List of Cowboy Mike and Winston has opened the door for all the fantasies and a wonderful joyride to the cowboy world. The book, now available on Amazon, is released from Pony 4 Precious. It is a book for a perfect entry to the world of all the stories for the young hearts.

Prescott, AZ, December 12, 2020 -- Children always have their fascinations and love for horses and this wonder that they have is now further lightened up with the wonderful Children book A Day in the List of Cowboy Mike and Winston by Michael Eastwood. Indeed, the narrative of the book will make the children get into the world of the horses and the cowboy Mike and Winston. Winston happens to be a miniature pony and Cowboy Mike is his owner. Their adventures are mentioned in this book that catches the attention of the book loving children. Along with a book of fun, this is also a book on education. But it has its rightful place among the fun children's book examples.

The book delineates the adventures about the journey of Mike and Winston along with their brothers, Blue, Bones, and Buckle. As a birthday gift, this is a perfect book for the children. This holiday season, A Day in the List of Cowboy Mike and Winston is the book that you can opt for. The new book release is done on Amazon. The publisher of the book is Pony 4 precious.

About Pony 4 Precious:
Pony 4 Precious is a non-profit organization and the book A Day in the List of Cowboy Mike and Winston is published by them. The organization happens to be a platinum level charity that was founded by Michael Eastwood. He was the one who starts the foundation on the basis of his own animals. The profit from this book will be added to the scholarship program organized by them.

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