Thirty-Eighth Avenue Photography Transforms Winners of "Ugly LinkedIn Profile Photo" Contest

Looking like your better self on LinkedIn is possible. And necessary. Winners of the recent "Ugly LinkedIn Profile Photo" contest agree.

Plymouth, MA, December 23, 2020 -- Looking like your better self on LinkedIn is possible. And necessary. Winners of the recent "Ugly LinkedIn Profile Photo" contest agree. Brian MacFee of Systems Support, Inc. based in Marshfield; Attorney Susan Pieri of Marshfield and Rich Archibald of AFLAC and located in Pembroke are now looking great. See for yourself on LinkedIn. 

Brian MacFee commented, “I’m not vain, but I am concerned with my appearance and conveying that I am open, friendly and approachable. The new photo conveys that in a glance.”

Susan Pieri added, “I came to the photoshoot with three outfit variations, ready to have fun.  Debi did not disappoint!  She has an artist's eye and a friendly manner.  The time flew by.  Now I have three wonderful shots to choose from to replace the one currently on LinkedIn.   Although, on one of them I'm told I look too happy for a lawyer.”

Rich Archibald noted, “The difference between my old photo and the new, improved one are night and day. I look more vibrant, professional and ready to go.”

According to the champion of the photo contest Debi Cramer, founder and principal photographer at in Plymouth, MA, “Let’s literally face it. Most people form an immediate impression of you by your headshot. A corporate portrait that is outdated, odd or just omitted is an unnecessary turnoff.”

Some executives favor their high school yearbook likeness. Others just choose to ignore the aging process. Either way, an outdated profile photo is not the best way to represent yourself on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network.

Debi Cramer advises, “A LinkedIn profile photo is also not the best place to show off a cherished boat, sports car or pet. It’s okay to wear ski goggles if you’re a ski resort owner, but not okay if you’re a ski enthusiast and your profession is selling life insurance. It should be noted that NOT having a profile photo doesn’t work in your favor either. Will fellow networkers and recruiters want to connect? Perhaps not. Those who do have a profile photo on LinkedIn may receive up to 21 times more profile views than those lacking profile photos (according to”

About Thirty-Eighth Avenue Photography:
Thirty-Eighth Avenue Photography’s new studio includes a client lounge for viewing photos as well as an additional dedicated office space for photo editing and client meetings. Cramer also travels for onsite photo assignments. The agency’s primary focus is commercial photography, event and corporate brand photography - from marketing materials, websites and product pages to headshots.

Debi Cramer, founder and principal photographer at Thirty-Eighth Avenue Photography, has spent many years photographing people, places and things all over the world. With a background in fine arts, textile and graphic design, Cramer shoots with a designer's eye, which produces stunning images that are highly marketable. Thirty-Eighth Avenue Photography serves a diverse array of clients in wide variety of industries, including real estate, restaurant, floral, retail and others.

From commercial to fine art and portrait photography, Thirty-Eighth Avenue Photography enables clients to bring beauty and peace into their home or office, as well as promote their business. Along with the new studio address, Thirty-Eighth Avenue Photography has updated their website and offers site visitors the ability to view portfolio images online as well as purchase or license images. View the portfolio and gallery at

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